Kutsu: Summer Fun Finland Workshop 2020 for Suppliers

Julkaistu 3.11.2019

We would like to invite You to participate in the special B2B travel trade event including workshop and fully hosted pre and post tours. The focus is promoting the summer season!

Summer Fun Finland Workshop 2020

Northern Europe combines wonderfully tourism packages what is benefitting outbound travel industry globally. These countries alone are providing variety of nature and culture orientated services for foreign visitors. This is the third time to organize the event to promote summer season of Northern Europe.
We are inviting tour operators over 20 countries to join in this programme. The event is dedicated for Suppliers from Nordic and Baltic countries and West Russia with tour operators, travel agencies and travel media as Buyers specialized in outbound tourism. This is by invitation only event and needs preregistration and approval of participation by the event Organizer.

We are expecting at least 65 Buyers and 10.12.2019 we have now already 73 registered Buyers taking care of target markets such as: Argentina, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hongkong, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithunia, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

Time: 11.05.2020 (workshop) from 10.00 until 17.00 o'clock.
Place: Hall #103 Fair Centre of Helsinki (Messukeskus), Helsinki, FINLAND 

Additionally to this there are Pre and Post Tours for the Buyers and GetTogether Party with a supplement fee for Suppliers.

Prices for Supplier

Workshop 11.5.2020 for Supplier includes a table with 4 chairs.
We keep for the volume of Suppliers in 40 tables. If necessary we can exceed this with 10 extra tables. Until 1.11.2019 we have had preregistration for those Suppliers which attended at the workshop in 2019. We have now 25 tables left for sale.

Early Bird prices are valid until 15.01.2020

1 company, 1 representative
890 euros + VAT 24% (if applicable)
2nd person from the same company
150 euros + VAT 24% (if applicable)
Shared table with two companies, only one person/compay
750 euroa + VAT 24 % (if applicable), totally 1500 euros + VAT 24% (if applicable)

Normal rates from 16.01.2020 until 30.03.2020
990 euros + VAT 24 % (VAT if applicable) - 1 company, 1 company representative
150 euros + VAT 24 % (VAT if applicable) - 1 company, 2nd company representative
850 euros + VAT 24 % (VAT if applicable) - shared table with 2 different companies and persons, total 1700 euros + VAT

GetTogether Party
Date: 11.5.2020
Time: from 18.00 - 21.00
Place: in Helsinki, departure from Messukeskus by bus. After the party is finnished bus transfer back to Messukeskus.
Hosted by: Helsinki Guides, programme includes light dinner.
Price for Supplier: 50 euros + VAT 24 % (if applicable)
Registration: click the link below for the workshop registration

The Programme

8.5 - 15.5.2020

08.05 – 10.05
            Optional Pre Tours for Buyers

10.05   Buyers arrival to Helsinki

11.05   Workshop from 10.00 to 17.00
            o’clock. You as Supplier can
            come at 09.00 o'clock to prepare
            your workshop table.

            GetTogether Party (Optional
            for Suppliers) 18.00 - c. 21.00

12.05 - 14.05 Optional Post Tours for

14.05   Buyers return back to
           Helsinki and depart back home

Supplier Package Includes

  • Workshop Day Programme at Messukeskus (Fair Centre) in Helsinki, 11.5.2020 
  • Lunch (buffet)
  • Coffee, tea service desk from 09.00 to 17.00 o'clock
  • Free internet access (WiFi)
  • Electricty plugs (installed in dedicates spots in the workshop room)
  • Buyers' Manual 2020 (of those official registered Buyers), by email and on spot as printed version
  • Event organizers staff assistance

With additional charges

  • Electrity to your company workshop table ,70 euros + VAT 24%
  • GetTogether Party 11.5.2020 from 18.00 to 21.00 o'clock with Buyers, 50 euros + VAT 24%
  • Hosting Pre and Post tour Buyers, prices varies from 900 euros up to 1900 euros + VAT 24%

Pre and Post Tours

Pre and Post tours are for all workshop Buyer attendands as Fully Hosted.
In the workshop Registration Site you are asked only if you are interested to be part of the Pre and Post Tours. We are contacting you those who have been shown interest to host foreign Buyers.

Fully Hosted tours cover the expenses as follows...

  • transfers either by plane, train or bus from Helsinki to tour destination and back to Helsinki
  • designated accommodation in tour destination, mainly single rooms
  • meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, including beverages)
  • excursions in destination
  • site inspections
  • material offered by the hosting destination

Fully Hosted tours doesn't cover for Buyers...

  • possible travel document procedures such as visa
  • Buyer's own shopping 
  • Buyer's own additional excursions outside of the official programme
  • transfers in Helsinki to the starting point of the tour; starting points are Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki railway station, Helsinki West Harbour or Kiasma - contemporary art museum bus stop

We have been divided tours as geographical areas where the Buyers in the first place are looking for the Pre and Post Tour until the tours are ready by the hosting destination/company.

Geographical areas are as follows:
1. City-Break destinations
2. Nature tours 
3. Lake District
4. Archipelago and Coastline
5. Finnish, Norwegian and/or Swedish Lapland
6. Estonia, Norway, West Russia and Sweden

Pre Tour can be within the dates 8.5 - 10.5.2020. (from 2 hour tour up to 3 days, 2 nights programme)
Post Tour can be within the dates 12.5 - 14.5.2020 (from 2 hour tour up to 3 days, 2 nights programme)

ToolBox provides dispatcher service when the tour starts in Helsinki. This means that ToolBox representative is approx. 30 minutes before the departure assisting Buyers to get into the transportation provided by the hosting destination/company. Our representative is not coming to the tour if we haven't agreed else beforehand. ToolBox staff can assist the Buyers' Group as tour leader, but it has to be agreed beforehand. Normally the fee is 500 euros/day.

Pre and Post Tour Handling Fees

Hosting destination/company can have maximum 2 tours with the handling fee shown here below. You can have three options where the costs varies depending on the work (and difficulties) to obtain requested Buyers for the tour.

900 euros (+ VAT % if applicable)
ToolBox is accepting the Buyers for the tour. 
The hosting destination/company isn't allowed to the approval process.

1500 euros (+VAT 24 % if applicable)
ToolBox is handling the Buyers request for the hosting destination/company.
The hosting destination/company is handling approval/disapproval process of the Buyers for their tour.

1900 euros (+VAT 24% if applicable)
There are designated nationalities the hosting destination/company is asking for their tour. The nationalities are from 1 - 2 different countries. 
ToolBox is handling the Buyers request for the hosting destination/company.
The hosting destination/company is handling approval/disapproval process of the Buyers for their tour.

Pre and Post Tour process 

We have chosen different themes for the tour where the Buyer can find several interesting tours and destinations to discover. Buyer is entitled for maximum 2 tours; 1 pre tour and 1 post tour. The approval process for all tours is as follows:
1. Buyer needs to apply for different pre and post tours in the Registration Site of the Summer Fun Finland Workshop 2020. 
2. Buyer can apply at once 2 different Pre Tours and 2 different 2 Post tours
3. Buyers request will be send to the hosting destination representatives who decide will they accept your application or not. 
4. ToolBox representatives will inform the Buyer either you are accepted or not. This process can take from few days up to few weeks depending on how many applicants there are. The hosting destination/comapny can decide mininum and maximum amount of Buyers they can host for each tour. ToolBox is dedicated to bring at least for minimum 4 and maximum 7 Buyers.
5a. If Buyer is approved, then ToolBox starts to organize Buyer's travel arrangements for the tour.
5b. If Buyer is not approved, Buyer can apply any other available tour with the help of ToolBox staff

Buyer has time to cancel Buyer's pre or post tour participation until 2.5.2020. After that there will be a charge of 250 euros (+VAT 24% if applicable) to cover expenses for the hosting destination.

ToolBox keeps the right for timetable and programme changes until the tours officially published by the hosting destinations.


We have for the Summer Fun Finland Workshop 2020 and Pre and Post Tours a special registration site.
Click/or copy the link here below and answer the questions. 
By clicking the link you will find:

  • company description (used for Suppliers' Manual)
  • participant information with dietary information, additional person's information
  • invoicing data
  • electricity plug order for your workshop table
  • optional participation for the GetTogether Party
  • becoming a host for Pre and Post Tours

Registration will be closed until 1.4.2020 or earlier when all workshop tables are sold out.

Click/copy this Registration link of the Summer Fun Finland Workshop 11.5.2020:


Operating area Baltic and Nordic countries and West Russia

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