TourEst 2019 tarjoaa runsaasti lisänäkyvyyttä messuosallistujalle

Julkaistu 23.11.2018

Suomi-osasto TourEst 2019 -messuilla

Osastomme numero on J5/40. Suomi-osasto on Turkish Airlinesin ja Air Balticin välissä. Alue on ulkomaan kohteille ja yrityksille varattu Global Village.

Muu markkinointi TourEst 2019 -messujen ajan

Messuille osallistuvat yritykset ovat jo sähköisessä näytteilleasettajaesitteessä.

Sen lisäksi näytteilleasettajalla ja alanäytteilleasettajalla on mahdollisuus saada lisänäkyvyyttä messujen järjestäjien omissa kanavissa seuraavasti:

  1. Tourest 2019 Magazine
  2. Touresti Special Newspaper (ilmestyy Eesti Ekspress-sanomalehden välissä)
  3. (vironkielinen) ja
  4. (venäjänkielinen)
  5. TourEst 2019 sosiaalisen median kanavat
  6. Travellers Club (Global Village -alueella, lähellä Suomen osastoa) sekä
  7. Main Stage Programme (Ruokamessut-alueella)

Hinnat on esitelty Tourest 2019 Magazineen ja Eesti Ekspress -lehteen eri vaihtoehdoille tämän linkin kautta: HERE   Muut hintatiedot esitelty alla olevissa markkinointitoimenpidekuvauksissa.

Seuraavaksi on messujärjestäjän kuvaukset eri markkinointimahdollisuuksista ja yhteyshenkilöt englanniksi.

  1. TourEst 2019 Magazine

In collaboration with Meediapilt Tourest has a magazine, that brings readers the best offers, recommendations and introduces destinations. Magazine will be given out at the entrance of Fair Centre during the fair. One week before the fair, online version of the magazine will be sent out and published on Tourest website. You can find last years’ magazine HERE.

More information: Ellen Ostrat, ellen [at] ()

  1. Ekspress Media

As the Estonia’s biggest travel and tourism fair Tourest is coming closer, Ekspress Meedia has decided to publish again the tourism magazine Tourest 2019. The issue will contain most revelant and freshest news about travelling, hotels, flight company offers and options.

The magazine will be published in 6th February and is going to be distributed imbetween Estonia’s most popular weekly newspaper Eesti Ekspress( circulation count: 27 000) and also extra 1000 copies that will be available and shared on Tourest Fair for participants and guests.

You can find last years’ magazine HERE


In addition to the paper edition, the exhibitor has the opportunity to introduce his company in the online magazines of Ekspress Media and is the biggest Estonian travel and content news site, where you’ll find descriptions of travel destinations, other travellers reviews/blogs, videos and photos. As well as daily news regarding traveling and travel destinations. reader is interested in traveling and exploring the world. Readers from all ages, who are interested in more than just low-budget hotels and temperature in swimming pool. has on average 100 000 unique users a week.

  1. is Russian equivalent of Its prime goal is to report about tourism and tourism related news in Estonia as well as abroad. It reports about different cultural events, interesting places and travel destinations and helps our readers to plan their vacations or leisure time activities. On average, has 50 000 unique users a week.

More information: Kelli Ellus, kelli.ellus [at] ().

5. TourEst 2019 Social Media Channels

Vacation starts here! Tourest 2019 starts already on November 27th. 2018, when we start advertising in our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. In order that our posts work also in your best interests, please share with us the materials what we can post in our social media channels.

Content of the post - the text capacity is maximum 300 characters, photo material in JPG format and video materials in GIF format. Send the materials to e-mail: marketing [at] ()

The earlier you deliver your posting wishes, the sooner you'll "take into the picture."

As an organizer of the Tourest 2019 our representative will review the materials and, if necessary, request additional information / corrects the content of the post.

6. Travellers’ Club (TC)

That is a program of inspirational presentations on interesting and new travel destinations at travel trade fair Tourest 2019. It was first introduced at Tourest 2017, Travellers’ Club has been a highlight of the last two fairs.

TC is specially designed area of ca 60m2 with modern presentation equipment within the well visited Global Village area in the Main Exhibition Hall.

A “trip” to a new destination starts every hour. All together 15 presentations during 3 days.
The presentation is ca 30 minutes long, following Q&A, ceremony, a game or prize draw.
Presented by well-known local/Estonian persons/travelers, who know the destination well, ideally in Estonian language. In cooperation with the Tourism Board of the destination or other representatives.

The package includes participation fee: information of the participant in the fair brochure, Pre-campaign: FB event/promotional campaign starting at least a month before the fair; promotional materials of the destination at the stand all through the fair (Feb 8-10), TC assistant.
The presentation in the TC program, all together ca 45 minutes.
At the presentation: presenter, TC assistant, usage of presentation equipment.
After-campaign: FB event with possibilities’ information how to travel to the destination.

380 euros, in case the destination does not have a stand at Tourest 2019.
200 euros, in case the destination has a stand at Tourest 2019.
VAT of 20% will not be added in case applicable, consult beforehand on 0% VAT liability.
Additionally a motivational gift for the presenter, prizes for a prize draw, ceremony equipment, etc.
Possibility to be included in the Travellers’ Club program based on availability of spare time slots.

7. Main Stage Programme

All exhibitors have a great opportunity to broaden their visibility by participating in the Main Stage´s programme. The participation is free of charge for exhibitors (the use of stage, audio, lights, video and also the help from organizers). Exhibitors are welcomed to organize any cultural-entertaining activities, dancing-singing shows, auctions, lotteries, games, etc.

The stage will be in the “Taste Estonia” hall and welcomes all the exhibitors to promote their countries, cultures, messages, etc. If you don´t have a concrete idea in the first place, but would like to participate, please show your interest - we can take it into account, book some time for you and help you also with the ideas and different possibilities.

For more information please contact Helen Kiis, helen [at] (), +372 50 54 564.


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