Newsletters — September 11, 2017

Invitation: Travel Media and Tour Operator Events 10.10.2017 in Warsaw for Polish market

Travel Journalist and Tour Operator Events 10.10.2017
Event is organized in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. We are inviting around 20 – 30 travel journalist for a breakfast meeting. The event is hosted in English and Polish. The company presentation can be in English. Catering services included.

Later in the afternoon the venue is used for the Polish tour operators and travel agencies to introduce destinations and services located in Baltic states, Nordic countries and Russia. We are expecting around 20 – 30 tour operators to visit in this event.

Date: 10.10.2017

Price: 1 490€ / company/1 representative; additional employee from the same company 250€/person, VAT is added where applicable (24%)
Registration: 15.9.2017, by email: office [at]