Newsletters — June 25, 2020

The Finnish Government a general limit for COVID-19 infections to open tourism – Case Asia

Updated: 30.6.2020 at 6.00 p.m.

On Tuesday, 23 June 2020, the Finnish government set a general country-specific limit for COVID-19 infections of 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. There should be 8 or fewer infections per 100,000 inhabitants in different countries. If the number of infections in the 14-day period averages 8 or less / day, it would allow travel without special border formalities or quarantine (voluntary 14-day quarantine in Finland). The reference period is in our table 23.6 – 10.7.2020 which is longer than Finnish Government.

We will follow on daily basis now all Asian countries situation until 10.7.2020. There are also Cyprus and Turkey in this list. Cyprus is strong candidate to get status where it’s citizens when entering to Finnish territory doesn’t need 14 days voluntary quarantine and also leisure travellers are allowed to travel in Finland. 

This follow-up gives to Finnish incoming and outgoing travel industry more specific information what to expect in near future of border control and restrictions to travel. Our company planned to organize a sales event in Finland in the end of August, so this gives us also an estimate of foreign travel trade possibility to attend at the event. The most important pieces of information are obviously in the chart where we show the limits of “8 cases/100 000 population in each country”. The shown number is for whole 14 days period which is not exactly mentioned by the Finnish Government. But it has been said the Government will be discuss those numeric figures 10.7.2020 and then the new restrictions or regulations will be coming in effect on 13.7.2020. We took longer period in our study by starting 22.6 and finishing 10.7.2020 – just in case. Also for those who are interested the estimates for each day, we added 14 days period what is maximum number of infections per day. 

Colours here such as “green” or “red” indicating if the country is over or below number 8. If it is exact 8, then the chosen colour is “yellow”.  “Blue” colour means that there is not enough data from the country OR there are clear doubts the figures are not correct OR data collected is not relevant or adequate. White blocks indicates country didn’t provide information that day. 

14-days average is the norm one should focus and compare daily figures. Also the total amount of cases compared to 8 cases/100 000 population.

Finnish Government should consider to lift travel restriction from these Asian countries: China, Bhutan, Brunei, China, China-Hongkong, China-Macao, Cyprus (which has already the status of free restrictions), Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. All these countries have cases