Newsletters — March 19, 2021

Australia and New Zealand Digital Travel Roadshow 10.6.2021

As long-haul travellers Australians and New Zealanders tend to travel in Europe for long time. It is not unusual they travel in Europe for one month of even longer. The average length of stay for example in Nordic countries is 12 days. 

Due to fact of the importance of Australian market in Baltic Sea area, we organize a Digital Travel Workshop/Roadshow in Australia and New Zealand June 810, 2021 (former days were May 4 – 6, 2021 but we decided to postpone the event due to pandemic). Sales activities are targete first time to whole country and additionally to New Zealand for very first time. We cover both tour operators and travel agencies. The Roadshow in Australia has been organized 5 times before but this is very first time in New Zealand. Due to COVID-19 the roadshow is organized digitally only. Baltic and Nordic Suppliers will not come to Oceania this time.  

The event is organized together with Finnair Australia. They representatives will host the event in Australian and New Zealand territories. Meanwhile ToolBox Consulting Ltd. will host Suppliers in Europe. Also ToolBox staff will maintain digital platform where the workshop is held. 

Buyers ( = Australian and New Zealand travel trade and media)

The event is free of charge for Buyers. You can choose from the following dates when you are interested in attending at the workshop – or you can choose all three if needed.

10.6    Australia and New Zealand

 Because the event is digital workshop it gives opportunity to all travel trade located in Australia and New Zealand who are interested outbound travel to participate and choose any of these three days to attend in remote access. 

New! Additional workshop areas are New Zealand and Perth capital of Western Australia.


Australia and New Zealand Digital Roadshow 2021

The Suppliers are invited to these actions from Baltic countries, Nordic countries and Western part of Russia (St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast). The goal is to meet around 100 local company representatives during the tour.

Time: 10.6.2021

Place: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia, and New Zealand digitally only

Price: €1500 + VAT 24%, 1 participant/company, €400 + VAT 24%, 2nd participant from the same company covering all three days. (No possibility to split participation in one or two days). Because the popularity and the size of the markets in Oceania, we provide a special group presentation rooms, these rooms are able to purchase for 1, 2 or covering all three 3 days. Price for group room is 400 euros + VAT 24%. If taken all three days the price is 1000 euros + VAT 24%.

Price includes: Organizing digital workshop, digital platform (profile, prearranged meetings and digital workshop), minimum 3 Training Sessions, Buyers Participation List, services of ToolBox representatives.

Additional service: Private Training Session, max. 45 minutes, €50 + VAT 24 %

Note!: Participant is obliged to participate at least one Training Session where technical requirements to make successful remote meeting is possible to organize. Also Participant by doing the registration is obliged to use Google Chrome browser during the workshop.

Lucky Draw Lottery   We recommend Suppliers contribution to participate in our Lucky Draw Lottery event by providing some travel service vouchers. The Lottery will happen in the end of each workshop day.

Time Zones: Australia is divided in three different time zones and New Zealand has time zone of it´s own (f.ex. 2 hours difference between East Coast of Australia and New Zealand). Time difference between Baltic and Nordic countries and West Russia are as follows:

                                 New Zealand    Australia East   Australia Central    Australia West

Starting time        Sydney, NSW + Brisbane, QLD + Melbourne, VIC Perth,WA

duration 4 hours

RUS             08.00         19.00                  17.00                     17.00              14.00              

EST, FIN, LAT, LIT 08.00 19.00                17.00                     17.00              14.00

DEN, NOR, SWE 07.00 19.00                  17.00                     17.00             14.00

ISL               05.00          19.00                  17.00                    17.00               14.00

GRE            03.00           19.00                 17.00                     17.00              14.00

Preliminary Programme of Australia and New Zealand Digital Travel Roadshow

10.6 Australia East, Central and South at 17.00 – 21.00; for people in West Australia at 14.00 – 18.00, New Zealand from 20.00 – 21.00  

Supplier Registration by clicking this link: