Newsletters — November 4, 2021

Discover Finland – and Estonia and Sweden too: Hosted Tours in January 2022 – Invitation for Influencers, Bloggers and Media Representatives

Registration is now closed. We will continue this project with those registered media representatives. More information Kari Halonen, kari.halonen [at] and Ullis Rouhiainen, ullis.rouhiainen [at] 

We are inviting travel and/or lifestyle bloggers, influencers and journalists globally to attend at our Discover Finland, Estonia and Sweden programme in January 2022. At the same time there is the biggest Nordic Travel Fair, Matka2022 going on. The tours what we are providing are discovering especially Finnish Lakeland and Lapland Regions. But there are also interesting tours covering up border regions of Finland and Sweden or one day trip to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Those tours are free of charge.

Note! Costs for you

There will be costs covering your transportation arriving to Helsinki (such as flights coming from your home country to Finland and then returning back home), where all those tours start and possible additional accommodation needed in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. 

We need more information concerning your interest of registration for different Discover Finland Tours. We have 6 different tours available. All tours are going to be visible in our event website. Also you can ask your personal copy by sending an email to kari.halonen [at] 


1. Haparanda (Sweden) – Tornio (Finland) – One destination, two countries  16.1 – 18.1.2022, Archipelago-Coastline in Finland and Sweden
2. Vuokatti – Arctic Lakeland 17.1 – 18.1.2022                                   

3. Jyväskylä Region – Lakeland 15.1 – 18.1.2022 NEW!

4. Lake Saimaa, Lakeland 15.1 – 18.1.2022 NEW!

5. Joensuu-Koli – Arctic Lakeland 16.1 – 18.1.2022 NEW!
6. Helsinki, Capital Region 20.1.2022
7. Tallinn, Estonia 19.1.2022
8. Savonlinna 21.1 – 23.1.2022 NEW
9. Salla – Finnish Lapland 21.1 – 23.1.2022                      

Vuokatti Media Pre Tour 17.1 – 18.1.2022

Vuokatti Media Pre Tour 17.1 – 18.1.2022 updated 12.1.2022 (pdf)

Haparanda (Sweden) and Tornio (Finland) Media Tour 16.1 – 18.1.2022

HaparandaTornio Media Tour 16.1 – 18.1.2022 edited 12.1.2022 (pdf)

Jyväskylä Region Media Tour 15.1 – 18.1.2022 NEW!

Jyväskylä Media Tour 15.1 – 18.1.2022 updated 4.1.2022 (pdf)

Joensuu-Koli Media Tour 16.1 – 18.1.2022 NEW!

Joensuu – Koli Media Post Tour 16.-18.1.2022 updated 31.1.2021 (pdf)

Helsinki Media Tour 20.1.2021

Helsinki Media Tour 20.1.2022 updated 18.1.2022 (pdf)

Talllinn Media Tour 19.1.2021

Tallinn Media Tour 19.1.2022 updated 10.1.2022 (pdf)

Savonlinna Media Tour 21.1 – 23.1.2022 NEW!

Savonlinna Media Tour 21.-23.1.2022 updated 10.1.2022 (pdf)

Ruka-Kuusamo Media Tour 21.1 – 23.1.2022

Ruka-Kuusamo Media Post Tour 21.1 – 23.1.2022 (pdf)

Salla Media Tour 21.1 – 23.1.2022

Salla Media Post Tour 21.1 – 23.1.2022 updated 13.1.2022 (pdf)


Registration is easy to make by clicking the link:

Registration was open until 15.12.2021. It is now closed.

More information about the registration, please contact Mr. Kari Halonen, kari.halonen [at] 

1. This is not registration site for Matka2022 Travel Fair. This is registration site only for Discover Finland-Estonia-Sweden Media Tour programmes.
2. You can participate to as many tours as possible during the time range. Normally there is time to participate for 2 tours, but we recommend to have even 4 tours max.
3. Our Hosted Tour programme includes travel/transportation in/out Helsinki to final destination, accommodation, meals, excursions and hosting destination services.
4. Our Hosted Tour programme doesn’t include: your transportation from your home country to Helsinki f.ex. your flight ticket to Helsinki and back, shopping costs during these tours and transfers to/from dispacthing point and your accommodation. See later DEPARTURE FOR PRE AND POST TOURS.

The process of acceptance is as follows:
1. Your registration here in the Hosted Tour site is necessary
2. Please indicate in this registration site your primary and secondary wish of the tour. We proceed your requests for both tours simultaneously. The approval for your tour request will be done by the hosting destination(s). It takes around 1 – 2 weeks max. to receive approval. It is important you put as much as possible information about your company and yourself. Also why you are interested about these tours. It is good to remember that there are limited number seats available for each tour. Normally it is from 4 – 10 seats/each tour.
3a. Approval
If you are receiving approval we proceed to more practical information and this is the reason why we are asking already here in the registration site those pieces of information. Those are: Date of Birth (DOB), your passport number, your name as it is written in passport or European Union Identity Card, gender, your shoe size, your outfit size for outdoor activities, your special diets or allergies we should be aware of.
3b. Disapproval
Sometimes you are not getting immeadiate approval from the hosting destination, because the limited amount of seats available. That is the reason why we are asking two choices of the tours. If both choices are disapproved, we are able to add other tours available. This process is on until 8.1.2022. 


Internal border control will be returned to traffic between Finland and all Schengen countries on 28 December.

The government outlined that internal border control will be reintroduced at Finland’s borders on Tuesday 28 December. from. Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus variant, compensatory measures under the Communicable Diseases Act alone are not sufficient to safeguard the carrying capacity of health care. The Government will make a decision on the new restrictions at its session on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, and the decision will take effect immediately. The decision is valid until January 16, 2022.

Internal border control will be comprehensively restored to traffic between Finland and all Schengen countries. Those arriving in Finland are required to have a certificate for a full series of vaccinations or for covid-19 disease less than six months ago, as well as a certificate for a negative Covid-19 test result less than 48 hours old. The requirement applies to those born in 2005 or earlier until 31 December 2021 and those born in 1 January 2006 or earlier from 1 January 2022.

You can enter Finland from all countries if you have received a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine while taking into account the provisions on the entry of foreign nationals into Finland, e.g. visa requirements. All passengers who are fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine may enter Finland from any country.  

If you are arriving in Finland from a country with a high incidence of COVID-19, you must present proof of full vaccination with an approved COVID-19 vaccine, proof of recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken before your arrival 48 hours prior departure.

People arriving in Finland from outside the EU and Schengen area who have not been fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine may enter Finland only from countries on the EU’s green list or for essential reasons. The green list is a list of non-EU countries and regions for which travel restrictions should be lifted as agreed jointly by the EU Member States. 

More information:

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are forced to inform you that ToolBox Consulting Ltd. or any of the hosting destinations will not cover any accommodation, transfer or other costs or expenses in case of a sudden illness, such as covid-19, during the tour operator/travel agent/media familiarization trip. In case of a quarantine order due to a suspicion of exposure to covid-19 during the tour operator/travel agent/media familiarization trip visit in Finland, Estonia or Sweden, ToolBox Consulting Ltd. and any of the hosting destinations  will not cover any costs caused by the quarantine or any loss of earnings caused by the quarantine. Participating on a tour operator/travel agent/media familiarization trip to Finland organized by ToolBox Consulting Ltd. and hosting destinations is not allowed in case of suspicion of exposure or sudden symptoms of covid-19 prior to arrival.

When you are approved and accepted offered Pre or Post tour seat, the cancellation without any cancellation fee is until 8.1.2022. After that the cancellation is 250 euros (+ VAT 24 if applicable).  

If the tour includes flight or train transportation taking you to the destination, you will receive ticket by email. It is necessary that when you are doing registration here, you put your personal email address.


We will put here accommodation offers. Accommodations are in city of Helsinki in *** or **** hotel categories. Accommodation in Helsinki are not included into Hosted Programme Package. In the registration site there will be question regarding your need of accommodation between different tours. Overall information about accommodation, please contact Ms. Kristiina Kauppinen for your accommodation inquiry.

kristiina.kauppinen [at] toolboxtravel.fistyle=”color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline”

Hotel Arthur ***

Vuorikatu 19, 00100 Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 173 44200 (Sales Office)

75,00 € / sgl room + with breakfast

90,00 € / dbl room + with breakfast

Reservations: Send your inquiry to: sales [at] . When making the reservation, please inform the Code: MATKA2022

Sokos Hotel Tripla ****

Fredikanterassi 1 B, 00520 Helsinki

Tel. 358 020 1234 611

Original Sokos Hotel Tripla

129 sgl, 149 dbl room/day including breakfast

Each guest is responsible for their own accommodation. Making reservation please contact Sokos Hotel Sales Office by email: [at] or by telephone +358 300 870 000. Reservation code is BTOOLBOX 

Sokos Hotel Tripla accept cash, debit or credit cards as a method of payment.


We have several dispatching and departure stops for tours as follows:
1. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Those tours which includes flights. There is no transfer included to Hosted Tour programme to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. You will receive information beforehand how to get to the airport. Our representative will be at the airport 1,5 hour prior to departure in Departure Hall with the sign “Discover Finland Tour 2022”

2. Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum Bus Stop. Kiasma is located very centrally in Helsinki. We are using mainly this departure point for different Pre and Post tours where the main transportation is bus and the location is not far away from Helsinki. We have dispatcher here for each tour and we are there 30 minutes prior to departure. The dispatcher has a sign of “Discover Finland Tour 2022”.

3. Helsinki Railway Station. Some tours use Helsinki Railway Station as departure point when using train of the main transportation. We have dispatcher here for each tour and we are there 30 minutes prior to departure. The dispatcher has a sign of “Discover Finland Tour 2022”. 

4. West Harbour. Pre and Post Tour to Tallinn depart from this harbour. There are good tram connections from Helsinki city centre. Remember you need to be around 1 hour prior to departure in the terminal. The dispatcher has a sign of “Discover Finland Tour 2022”. The dispatcher will deliver for your Boarding Passes. Please bring with your passport or European Union Idendity Card. They use euros in Estonia.


ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is specialized in service sector and especially to improve tourism industry in their operations. The company was established in year 2000. It is promoting Baltic and Nordic countries and Western Russia.

ToolBox is operating in fields as:

education and training programmes
product development
research and survey projects 
improvement of marketing efforts (marketing activities, marketing events)
marketing channels development of design products and services

We emphasize international approach in every aspect of our operations. There is marketing knowledge from more than 20 countries.