Newsletters — April 12, 2022

Better products for Southeast Asian travellers – recommendations to European travel industry

Based on an overall analysis of Europe’s main strengths and opportunities, from a tourism destination marketing perspective, a focus on specific tourism products, Pan-European multi-destination travel themes and experiences for the South-East Asian market is recommended: Tourism products, themes and activities

 • Multi-destination interest-based travel themes A combination of city life, culture/history, nature and local gastronomy would appeal to both first-time and repeat visitor segments to Europe. Promotion of Pan-European multi-destination itineraries (regions and countries) that give due consideration to different interests, with a focus on city-based holidays, is recommended.

• Mono-destination immersive travel experiences Slow adventure, incorporating local interactions and culturally authentic experiences, and local culinary experiences would be a draw among young couples and families. Destinations with high repeat visitation can develop and promote experiential itineraries that encourage dispersion of tourists to small towns and the rural countryside.

• Seasonal festivals, events and experiences South-East Asian consumers are motivated to visit destinations to participate in festivals, events and unique experiences in different parts of the world, including in Europe. Potential opportunities exist to promote European regions and destinations for seasonal events and festivities – an annual calendar of events can be promoted in the South-East Asian markets. This can include art and culture, music and entertainment, global sporting events, nature and landscape, food festivals, etc.

• Solo travel experiences Young solo travellers are the best prospects for budget-friendly backpacking and adventure trips. Luxury solo travellers, especially financially independent working women in Singapore and Malaysia, are also a growing segment. Destinations would benefit from targeting the relevant consumer segment with appropriate tourism products and travel experiences.