Newsletters — September 6, 2023

Matka Workshop Day 2024 Pre and Post Tours for Buyers

Matka Workshop Day 2024 and it’s popular Pre and Post Tours are approaching!

Matka Workshop Day 2024 will be organized 17.1.2024. 

Pre and Post Tours have been essential part of Matka Workshop Day programme and so it will be also next year. 

ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is the official partner of Messukeskus (Fair Centre of Helsinki), which is organizing the workshop and we have been taking care of Pre and Post Tour programmes over 10 years. We take care on behalf of Messukeskus all official Pre and Post Tour programmes.

Note! All Pre and Post Tours are Fully Hosted, meaning that everything is covered (costs, tickets, services) from the starting point of the tour until you return back to Helsinki.

Note! You need to purchase your transportation from your home country to Helsinki, Finland and back to your home country. Those tickets are not included to the package.

Pre Tours are organized between the dates 12.1 (Friday) – 16.1.2024 (Tuesday)

Post Tours are organized between the dates 18.1 (Thursday) – 21.1.2024 (Sunday)


You need to be registered and approved as Buyer at Matka Workshop Day 2024. Registration will be open between September/October 2024. Note! This Pre and Post Tour registration is not registration for the Matka Workshop Day 2024!

We approve around 4 – 10 participants for each tour
Normal limits for each tour is that only one person of the same company can participate in each tour. 
You can choose max. 1 Pre and 1 Post Tour.   

All tours are conducted in English.


All destinations and possible themes for each tour will be published in end of November. You can contact ToolBox Consulting Ltd. for more information. Also you will get advertisement for the tours every week in ToolBox Consulting Ltd. “Matka Workshop Day 2024 Pre and Post ToursNewsletter”.


We are looking for to provide tours in these following tourism regions or countries

Estonia: Tallinn and countryside
Finland: Archipelago and Coastline
Finland: Greater Helsinki Area
Finland: Lakeland 
Finland: Lappland
Sweden: Stockholm and Uppsala

Final Pre and Post Tours will be published in two locations:

1. Here in ToolBox Consulting “Matka Workshop Day 2024 Pre and Post Tours” event website

2. Official Matka Workshop Day 2024 website. See there title “Tours”.


You need approval for your participation for each tour you are interested in participating. There are no limits of tours the Buyers is able to participate, but there are allotments for each tour. If exceeded the allotment we will inform Buyer to seek an other tour.


We have several Meeting Points regarding Pre and Post Tours. Our dispatcher will be waiting the participants in each Meeting Points as follows:

1. Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum (All Walking Tours of Helsinki)

2. Helsinki Central Railway Station (All tours which use train in transportation)

3. Helsinki Harbours (All tours where cruise vessels are used (Estonia and Sweden as the destination. We have in Helsinki 4 Harbours, so check where the tour starts in each tour!)

4. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (All those tours where are flights included to the destination)


Our Dispatcher will have a sign with him/her “Matka Workshop Day 2024 Pre and Post Tours”.

Our Dispatcher will be in the Meeting Points as follows:

– Walking Tours – 30 minutes prior departure

– Train departures – 30 minutes prior departure

– Cruise departures – 60 minutes prior departure

– Airline departures – 90 – 120 minutes prior departure


WhatsApp plays important role in our tours, When you participate in each tour, we finish communicating via emails. All communication happens in different WhatsApp Groups dedicated in each tour.


If interested participating in different Pre and Post Tours, please click the link below.

Emphasize in the registration for your company description. Very vague description doesn’t raise the attention of the hosting destinations.

We ask in the Registration Form information related to each tour. Those questions are: DOB, your nationality, passport or EU identity card number, do you need a visa entering in Finland (Schengen countries), do you have any food restrictions or allergies, your shoe size and height in centimetres, and your outdoor outfit size, 


You have time to cancel your participation in Pre and/or Post Tour not later than 31.12.2023. After that date the cancellation fee is 250 euros + VAT (if applicable) for each tour you cancelled.

ToolBox Consulting Ltd. keeps the right to cancel the tour if there is less than 4 participant for the tour. This cancellation would happen not later than 31.12.2023. Also ToolBox Consulting assist participant to find an other tour.


Tour organizer Mr. Mikael Hasegawa, mikael.hasegawa [at]