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JTB Rurubu Guidebook about Nordic countries 2024

Japanese travelers use a lot of guidebooks in the planning phase of their trips, when buying a trip, and during the trip. The most popular of these is JTB Rurubu.

We produce destination and company information in the guidebooks in the form of campaign advertisements, and Rurubu is updating the information in its Nordic guide during February – March 2024. Nordic guidebook includes destinations such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – excluding Iceland.

About the Rurubu guidebook

· The Nordic guidebook is updated every 3 years. Next in 2024

· circulation 29,000

· sold in bookstores and online (Amazon Japan)

· the price of the guide book in Japan is 1540 yen, (approx. 10 euros)

· the guidebook is produced by JTB Publishing Inc.

· the guidebook introduces tourist destinations, services, attractions, places to eat and shop in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

We offer the Rurubu Nordic guidebook

· Advertising space on different pages of the guidebook. In this case, the company you represent will have ready-made material that will be placed on the pages of the guidebook in accordance with the agreement.

· We offer our own translation help for Japanese advertising

· We offer the services of an advertising agency, which is a partner company, to make the selected advertisement

· We also pass on guide books to those who want them within the borders of Finland. The condition is that the advertisement in the guide book has been implemented through us.

Time and place

Registration by 29 February 2024

The content of the selected advertising space and advertisement by 30 March 2024

Completed material no later than June 30, 2024

Invoicing during February-March 2024

Guidebook printing in Japan June-July 2024

Guidebooks on sale July 2024


Promotional advertisement

Advertising area Size/mm Price

Back cover 200 x 200mm; €6,900 trim (= left & top)

Inside front cover 257x210mm; €6,000 trim

Page facing inside 257x210mm; €5,600 trim

Inside back cover 257x210mm; €5,200 trim

Page facing tables 257x210mm; €5,200 trim of contents

Inside 1/1 page 257x210mm €4,700 trim

½ page of the guidebook with frame 116x189mm €2.600

Translation help

We can translate texts into Japanese from English, Finnish and Swedish. We have here two options for translations.

Advertisement translations

The price of the translation work for the Japanese language is 50.0 euros/line of the source text (line = 60 strokes) + VAT 24%. The amount of text is agreed with the client of the work. A half-page ad in the guidebook is max. 200 euros, a full-page ad is max. 400 euros. Value added tax is added to the prices.

Article translations

There is a possibility to have additional articles written in Japanese language. Maximum size of the articles are 2 pages. There are limited amount of articles slots available.  The price of the translation work for the Japanese language what is agreed with the client of the work.

A half-page ad translation is in the guidebook 200 euros

A full-page ad translation is 400 euros, so max. 2 pages translation would be then max. 800 euros. Value added tax is added to the prices.

Advertising help

In case you need help to create your advertisement, we provide Advertising Help service to make your Rurubu Nordic advertisement. See price quotations below.

Advertising area Size/mm Price:

Back cover 200 x 200mm; trim (= left & top);  €350

Inside front cover 257x210mm trim; €350

Page facing inside 257x210mm trim; €350

Inside back cover 257x210mm; €350

Page facing tables 257x210mm trim of contents; €350

Inside 1/1 page 257x210mm; €350

½ page of the guidebook with frame 116x189mm; €350

Value tax of 24 % will be added if applicable.

Postal service

If you like to have your own copy/copies of the Rurubu Nordic 2024 Guidebook, you can order that from us. See prices below.

Guidebook order by post (in the territory of the state of Finland)

1 guidebook €30.00 + VAT, including postage in Finland

2 more guidebooks €15.00 + VAT/guidebook, including postage costs in Finland


Registration ends on February 29, 2024.

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