Articles — May 17, 2024

Explore Baltic & Nordic Coutries 2024 – 2025 Programme

Explore the beautiful Baltic and Nordic countries in Tailor-made Fam trips, Sales Visits and Workshops 2024 – 2025! Join in our Programme for wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents to create new or refresh old business relations and benefit to get a faster, cheaper and exclusive way of touring in Baltic and Nordic countries. This way you can improve your destination knowledge and have a deeper business relationship.

This Programme is one of 25th Anniversary Projects. ToolBox Consulting Ltd was established for 25 years ago, 01 August 2000 and we introduce some new features to Travel Trade in our region here in Northern Europe. The Programme consists of Tailor-made Fam trips, Sales Visits and Workshops 2024 – 2025. You can choose the country or region where and when is the most suitable time doing it.

Product Development

We would like to introduce this feature: Let us help you to create the products and make you to expand your business relations with different themes and customer groups.

We just finished a very successful project for Group Travel in Central European market to improve product development in Finland. Within one year we managed, with the help of Finnish destinations and travel companies, to create 6 new itineraries, dozens of route modules, over 40 new business partners, and improve the seasonality issues. Would you like to have similar kind of help? Free of charge? We can even discuss about exclusivity in your market.

What we need, is your time to attend a few webinars that we will organize for the Baltic and Nordic destinations. We can even invite you to visit in our workshop where we introduce our destinations and companies. Timetable of the project is set up according to marketing cycle and seasonality. We have dozens of themes and customers to choose from.


You choose the products, companies and destinations which you are interested in, to continue with marketing phase. We can also create the marketing campaigns where the travel companies from Baltic and Nordic countries are joining.

Product Development project helps to create new travel services and destinations from Baltic and Nordic countries and putting your market knowledge and sales to a new dimension.

What to do next?

We collect those who are interested in Fam trips, workshop participations, sales visits… and product development + marketing activities. No strings attached! We will organize later a webinar where we explain all the details and create the groups from different countries with similar interest over the destination, way of creating business relationships and product themes and customer segments.

More information:

Kari Halonen, or call +358 50 375 1328