Here we introduce various events and projects implemented by ToolBox Consulting Ltd.

Marketing & Sales


  • Summer Fun Hybrid Sales Workshop
    Annual event promoting Baltic and Nordic countries. One of the biggest annual workshops in Baltic and Nordic countries. Byers are all over the world. Since 2018.
    Meetings both face-to-face and online. Copyright ToolBox Consulting.
  • Country Sales Workshops and Roadshows
    Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Estonia, Finland, Hongkong, India, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, and United States.
    Promoting Baltic and Nordic countries. Buyers are local travel trade. Since 2012. Copyright ToolBox Consulting together with partner companies.
  • Theme-based Sales Workshops
    ToolBox Consulting organize sales workshops which have a special theme. We have organized following workshops since year 2000: Outdoor Travel (summer and winter
    activities) 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024, GLBIQT+ 2024, Arctic Design Week 2021 and 2022, Aviation workshops: Routes 2023 and 2024, Connect 2024. Group Travel 2023,
    Tourism Consultancy Sales Workshop 2022. Copyright ToolBox Consulting.


ToolBox Consulting is the biggest private FAM trip organizer in Baltic and Nordic countries. Annual volume varies between 60 – 80 trips. Normally our FAM trips are
either semi-hosted or fully-hosted programmes for Buyers.

  • FAM trips related to ToolBox Consulting own sales workshop events
    Summer Fun Workshop, Winter Fun Workshop and Outdoor Travel Workshop events all have own Pre and Post Tour programmes which are organized with the hosting
    companies and destinations. Each event has from 6 to 14 tours.
  • Matka Workshop Day
    Kari Halonen invented the event together with Ms. Inna-Pirjetta Lahti and the very first event took place in 2008 (Meet Finland). Nowadays ToolBox Consulting organize
    familiarization trips as Pre and Post Tour Programmes since 2013. Tour volume is around 10 – 25 different tours.
  • Turku and Turku Archipelago FAM trip
    Part of the Turku Science Park project, where also was included own FAM trip toexplore City of Turku and it’s archipelago. The target market was Sweden and the
    programme includes transportation, tour programme, site inspections, meals and also meetings with local travel trade. Organized in March 2024.


We have organized many Sales Visits in these following countries: Australia, Belgium, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Hongkong, Germany, Japan, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Qatar, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and United States. Our Database have over 15 000 wholesaler, tour operator and travel agent contacts. Normally the group is around 3 – 5 company representatives.

  • Visit Oulu Sales Visit in Baltic countries
    Tour operator visits in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Year 2023.
  • Lapponia Tours Sales Visit in the Netherlands
    Tour operator visits in Utrecht and Amsterdam area. Year 2022.
  • Visit Karelia Sales Visits in China and Hongkong
    Tour operator visits in Beijing and Hongkong. Year 2019.
  • Australia Roadshow
    Sales Visits in Melbourne area, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023. Companies from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Qatar Sales Visits
    Sales visits in Doha 2024. Companies from Finland and Norway.


We have organized a stand promoting Baltic and Nordic countries in following countries: Australia, China, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Latvia,
Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

  • World Travel Market
    One of the biggest travel trade show in the world. Location London, UK. We have organized stand there twice: 2022 and 2023. Participants from Denmark, Finland,
    Norway and Sweden.
  • ITB Berlin
    One of the biggest travel trade show in the world. B2B only. Location Berlin, Germany. We have organized stand there once: 2024. Particpants from Finland.
    The biggest B2B and outbound travel event in China. B2B only. Time of the event varies yearly. Location: Beijing, China. We have had stand at the event 2016, 2017,
    2018. Participants from China, and Finland.


Marketing Development

  • Go Global – Guidebook
    Guidebook to develop company and destination international marketing. Very practical and written from experiences of ToolBox Consulting staff members and added studies and research results related to Baltic and Nordic countries. You can benefit Training Programme of 5 modules covering main areas entering different markets. Published in 2023. Visit Karelia, Finland.
  • Market Analysis
    We consider that it is better to study different target market areas before entering the market. Market Analysis includes important push and pull factors with the list of
    major tour operators selling the destination and/or company and tour operator interviews. Client will get an access to the material for one year to benefit gathered and renewed information. Market Analysis are currently made of 28 countries. Clients eg.: Cursor/ Visit Kotka-Hamina, Vuokatti Finland, Visit Oulu, and Lapponia Tours.
  • Marketing Plan
    We created a Marketing Plan for Lapponia Tours, a new DMC in Finnish Lapland. We made Market Analysis and after that suggestions what to do as Marketing Plan for
    next 3 years. Additionally we asked foreign tour operators interest to be part of Lapponia Tours eSales Platform and about Sustainable Tourism. Lapponia Tours 2019.



  • Digital discoverability of travel companies
    We have done for our clients analysis of companies´ and regions´ digital discoverability. This has been included also report and webinar or workshop where companies will get “to-do” list and practical training to understand analysis´ statistical data. Clients eg.: Visit Suomussalmi 2024, Visit Pargas/Parainen 2023.
  • Digital Agent Manual Analysis
    We analyzed companies and services located in Turku city an Turku Archipelago which were presented in digital Agent Manual. The Manual was introduced to Swedish and
    we analyzed the tour operators feedback and interest over Turku area. The analysis was done together Avidly. The result was introduced in webinar for the participants of
    the project. Client: Turku Science Park 2023.


Product Development

  • Group Travel Project for DACH market
    2023 – 2024, over 40 companies or destinations in Finland participated tour and route development project where we implement two German based wholesales as partners.
    As result we got 6 – 8 new routes and hundreds of different itinerary and service modules to be modified in different tours.
  • Technical Visit and Special Interest Programmes
    2021 – 2022, over 30 companies involved with Technical Visit and Special Interest Programmes in Forssa, Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki cities in Finland. Interviews,
    product ideas, and pricing suggestions.
  • Outdoor Activities
    Several occasions starting with 2010 – 2011 Outdoor Finland project. This project included idea to interview activity companies and develop their itineraries and
    products suitable for foreign markets. Activities were canoeing, cycling, hiking, multiactivities and paddling in Sourthern Finland.
    Later in 2014 we collected and similar programmes from all over Finland in 2014 – 2015 and made it as Product Manual. Order was made by Visit Finland.



  • Routes 2023 and 2024 events
    ToolBox Consulting organized a stand for Finnish Destination Management organizations at Routes event. The event includes sales workshop meetings and stand
    exhibition. Routes is the biggest aviation event where airline companies, airports and DMOs meet each other.
  • Connect 2024
    ToolBox Consulting organized a stand for Finnish Destination Management organizations at Connect event. The event includes sales workshop meetings and stand exhibition. Routes is the second biggest aviation event where airline companies, airports and DMOs meet each other.
  • Joensuu Airport Development
    Development of new direct international flight connections and charter flight connections. Tour operator and other distribution channel development. A Plan where new features of Joensuu Airport operations are introduced. Year 2013 – 2014. Partner Finland Consulting Group. Client: Joensuu City and Regional Council of North Karelia.


Strategy Process

  • LUMO – Western Uusimaa Region, Finland
    Brand development project, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan for new Destination Management Organization. The idea was to create all strategical tools for a new DMO which included also Brand Guidebook. The project was funded by local development agency in year 2014 – 2015.
  • Asian Market Strategy – Levi – Lapland, Finland
    The aim of this project in year 2015 has been to prepare Levi’s internationalization plan for the Asian market. The plan presents guidelines and key priorities as well as action proposals for the development of the Levi Tourism Area and the expansion of marketing to the Asian market. The assignment was made together Finland Consulting Group.
  • Rural Tourism Development, Finland
    Service design workshops with a domestic and foreign customer target group in year 2018. New meaning of Rural Tourism and strategy process to implement sustainability in Rural Tourism. Client: Rural Women’s Advisory Organization.



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