Australian market in Nordic countries

Released 18.10.2016

We were comparing 2015 statistics from different Nordic countries (id. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and wondering where those Australian outbound travellers normally go when visiting this part of Europe. As long-haul travelers Australians tend to travel in Europe for long time. It is not unusual they are travelling in Europe for one month or even longer. The average lenght of stay in Nordic countries is 12 days. The most popular stop-over airports are Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. The Middle Eastern airline connections to Nordic countries have been increasing volumes of Australians in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

In 2015 there have been bednights from Australia to Nordic countries as follows:

  • Denmark  over 80 000 bednights, +2,9% increase from 2014
  • Finland               57 623 bednights
  • Iceland                 N/A
  • Norway              80 245 bednights
  • Sweden              32 936 bednights
So Denmark and Norway are the main destinations following Finland and then Sweden. Unfortunately we couldn't get statistics from Iceland but we know there is growing interest to "Pure Nature" in Australian outbound market. Also Greenland is interesting destination.
What is interesting to see also that because there is no direct flights from Nordic countries to Australia due to distance it isn't huge hinder for Australians to travel so far away. There are few tour operators and travel agencies existing especially in Melbourne and Sydney which are dedicated to sell our region.
Quite interesting theme is organizing "Roots Travel" for those former Scandinavians and Finns who are living in the "new continent" and still having possible relatives living in Nordic countries. 
ToolBox is organizing Roadshow in Australia in March 2017 which is covering cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. 
The companies and destinations from Baltic states, Nordic countries and Western Russia are more than welcome to join for the tour. More information, please see our News and Marketing Activities/Australia.
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