Certified Hospitality Educator - 1st stage is passed

Released 20.11.2011

I didn't know anything about this label or course until Pirkko Salo from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Scienced told me of CHE - Certified Hospitaly Educator Course. She recommended me this after I mentioned my struggles with course presentations.

What is CHE?  CHE is recognized as the preeminent leader in hospitality certification, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) strongly supports and encourages the certification of hospitality professionals in all facets of the industry, including:

  • hotels
  • food & beverage establishments
  • trainers
  • hospitality educators
  • hotel suppliers
  • spas

In order to become certified by the EI, you must meet the knowledge requirements, the experience requirements and successfully complete a certification examination. Certification examinations are available through EI year-round using computerized adaptive testing or traditional print testing.

Continuing education is a lifelong process and is motivated by a number of factors, including curiosity, self identified gaps in knowledge, and the desire to provide the very best as an individual – and the very best guest service. 

Now the first four days about the CHE workshop is passed. I enjoyed it and not only because the topic was so interesting. Maybe more couraging was to meet other participants - mainly from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I think I got wonderful network from them and their experiences about education was inspiring.

The written exam was - how to put it nicely - well, "challenging". 100 multiple-choice questions and two hours limit was for me too problematic. I should get over 75 % of all questions right to be passing into next level but now I got feeling I need to do re-exam...

Later I have to do a video about one class session and sending a captsone description of that class. So hopefully I am having the certificate somewhat in Spring 2012.

Teachers were having a chance to award some of their fellow students of their contribution in the workshop. I got award of "Personality Plus" and I was very honored receiving this diploma. Thank you for all voters! I scanned the diploma here on the left.




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