China Outbound Market Intelligence (C.O.M.I.), the new publication by COTRI China Outbound Tourism

Released 22.8.2013

Research Institute, launched on July 10th, 2013. It provides in-depth market intelligence, insights  and backgroung informaiton about current and future developments of the Chinese outbound tourism market. C.O.M.I. includes both quantitative and qualitative analyses and forecasts. It is published quaterly in electronic format.  




C.O.M.I. is based on the  extensive knowledge of COTRI, the world's leading independent research

institute for information, quality assessment, research and consulting relating to the Chinese outbound

tourism market established in 2004.


C.O.M.I. gathers the most recent statistics and reports available from international sources  like UNWTO,

WTTC, PATA, etc. It also includes the results of COTRI's exclusive research on Chinese media  and social

media, giving insights into the most recent trends inside the Chinese community.


What sets C.O.M.I. apart from other publications is its forecasting. Using COTRI China Outbound Tourism

Expert Panel, a team comprising the world’s leading experts on China outbound tourism, C.O.M.I. not

only provides current information and statistics but also forecasts future trends  and developments. The

Expert Panel will also produce the China Outbound Tourism Index, which will forecast developments in

China’s outbound tourism, for each quarterly publication.




The July issue features the developments of Q2 (April-June) 2013, and provides forecasts for Q3 2013 up

to Q2 2014. As special feature, this issue includes an exclusive interview with Zhang Guangrui, professor

at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and doyen of Chinese tourism research in China.


The interview is complemented by a two page summary of Zhang’s most recent work,  China’s Tourism

Development: Situation Analysis and Perspectives 2013.




SPECIAL OFFER : Get six issues for the price of four!


Subscriptions arriving before July 10th, 2013 will get the two issues July and October 2013 and the four

issues of 2014 for the price of a one-year subscription of 600 €.


For more information, please contact office [at]  

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