ToolBox Consulting Ltd. has its ultimate goal to be international. There is more than 30-year experience in tourism industry. Formerly the company was called ToolBox -travel marketing & consulting. It changed the name 1.9.2019. The target for the all the services provided by ToolBox people and subcontracted companies is to give options for product development, strategic planning and to be more international and global. Image and branding processes are very heated topics at the moment. Another trend is corporate social responsibility in all businesses. A problem is how to integrate this into company's daily operations. We have been interested in so called SlowTravel theme. We have been implement understanding of time with the experiences visitors are longing for.

We invest strongly to network experience and benefits from cooperation. We have been creating a network of tourism expertise which reach over many countries and continents.

Globalizations is also seen in ToolBox operations with its need to active in international organizations and ready-to-go mind of being involved with different tourism research groups and trend document providers. These give us bigger perspective in many challenging issues facing tourism industry of today.

We like to be an opportunity for students in tourism industry or those who are looking for new career in tourism field. We are offering project work, counselling, survey projects and creating marketing events and campaigns. We do appreciate tourism education, so we hope everyone who has been achieving this education will find their career in tourism industry.

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Kari Halonen, Owner and General Manager:
Regional tourism development, Project management, international marketing events and campaigns

E-mail: kari.halonen(@)

ToolBox Consulting Ltd.

Mailing and invoicing address:
Maininkitie 2 C 22, FIN-02320 Espoo, Finland

Telephone: +358 50 375 1328

E-mail addresse: office(at)

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ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is specialized in improving service sector and especially tourism industry; its entrepreneurship and area organizations. Focus in all operations is towards international markets and progress.


ToolBox Consulting Ltd.
Maininkitie 2 C 22
FIN-02320 Espoo Finland
Tel. +358 50 375 1328
office [at]
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