Data protection and personal data handling by ToolBox Consulting Ltd. 2021 - 2022

Released 18.5.2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area.


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ToolBox Consulting Ltd.
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Purpose of personal data handling

ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is using personal data to send it's company Newsletters and Tourism Market. Newsletters incudes current topics around tourism industry, tourism events and other current topics.

Personal data handling and handlers

Receiver's company email, website, possible telephone number and person's company information and his/hes position in the company are used for ToolBox contact information and by sending Newsletter or other material related to tourism business. 

The handlers of personal data are those who are working at ToolBox Consulting Ltd. and are operating with company communication, Newsletters and marketing. Those contact information are taken away from the database immediately if the Receiver's email is returning back automatically and there is a return message about Receiver's permanent absence OR there is coming five times error message.

Data Release

Personal data is released only those companies which are delivering ToolBox Newsletter or other direct emails. They are not allowed to forwad personal data or to use that for other purposes. Personal data is not forwarded or delivered outside of European Union or ETA or international organizations. 

Storage time of the data

The data is stored until the company newsletter won't be published OR until the Receiver is cancelling it or by sending a return email or otherwise in written. 

The rights of the registered 

As our guest and contact you have rights to:

  • get an access to your personal data
  • to correct your data
  • to limit the data which is handled by ToolBox Consulting Ltd.
  • to remove your data
  • to change your data from one system to an other
  • to make complaint to the authorities

Access to you own personal data

You can get an access to see your own personal data, which are registered in ToolBox  Consulting Ltd. database. Please send your requirement to ToolBox representative (office [at]

Correction or Additional information

lf you see or notlfy there is an error, inaccuracy or missing information in your personal data you may ask to remove wrong information and to order the Newsletter again. Please send your message to ToolBox email address office [at]

Handling restriction

lf you have informed your personal data is incorrect, you have right to ask to limit your personal data handling until your right personal data has been approved by both parties.

Cancellation of acceptance to use personal data and removing your personal data

You have a right to remove your order of the newsletter or any direct mails by contacting ToolBox representative. Send your request to office [at]

Notice of your personal data handling or complaint

lf you are facing a problem concerning your personal data handling we are kindly asking to contact the Controller of ToolBox Consultlng Ltd. See his information above.

You can make a complain of your personal data handling by contacting the authority in your country. Here is the link to Finnish authority:
Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimiston verkkosivut


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ToolBox Consulting Ltd.
Maininkitie 2 C 22
FIN-02320 Espoo Finland
Tel. +358 50 375 1328
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