Invitation to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian outbound travel trade: Special Workshop to cover Finland 14.5.2021

Released 23.4.2021

For the first 30 registered travel trade visitors from Estonia, Latvia or Lithunia will get free turn-around cruise/ferry ticket Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn which is valid until 31.12.2021.

Also there is Lucky Draw Lottery for all registered travel trade visitors from Baltic countries to win travel packages in Finland!

Finland, with tons of space and the cleanest air in the world, offers a wide range of destinations, services and travel activities for all tastes year round. Being a country of opposites and contrasts, you can truly enjoy your stay with all senses. Finland is a natural choice when looking for active leisure holidays for families with children, exciting sports events, or school and student camps with sports activities. There is quite literally something for everybody – whether you’d like to walk in the wilderness along age old tracks, go for a mountain bike ride or just wonder around picking berries in the fall.

This very first Digital Travel Workshop gathers together Suppliers from Finland which are not only interested in having Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian final customers but also cooperating with Baltic incoming tour operators and travel agencies which are interested also "taking over" Finland as their service operations.   

To validate and confirm your registration we need more information about you and your company. * = obligatory answer. Please put your answer below the question.
The questionnaire includes titles as follows:
Company Details
Online and/or Offline Participation
Personal Data
Lucky Draw 

The final registration date is 07.05.2021. 

The allotment for Buyers in ONLINE (remote access) is estimated to be 30. It is recommended to register as soon as possible. Invited Suppliers. All meetings are one-on-one, so no group meetings possible.

Your data will be delivered as electronical Buyers' Manual to Suppliers attending at the both workshops.  This manual is delivered for all Suppliers. 

Timetable: 14.05.2021 - from 09.00 to 17.00 o'clock Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian time. 

We use a special digital platform to make these one-on-one meetings successful. So before we use few Training and Testing Sessions before the workshop itself starts. The programme includes:
03.05   Training session at 10.00 o'clock Finnish time - Browser, Profile and PreArranged meetings
05.05   Training session at 10.00 o'clock Finnish time - Programme and PreArranged meetings
10.05   Training session at 10.00 o'clock Finnish time - One-to-one meetings, problem solving
12.05   Testing session at 10.00 o'clock Finnish time - your browser, microphone and camera

14.05   Workshop from 09.00 to 17.00 o’clock Finnish time
             Lucky Draw Lottery at 16.45 - 17.00 o'clock Finnish time


For Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Buyers, please click here for the registration:

PreArranged Meetings

We want to make it easy for you to connect with other participants and schedule appointments. Suppliers are able to meet with Buyers and Media representatives, and meetings can be requested both ways. Below are instructions on how to build your personal schedule with interesting meeting partners.

Easy registration and Making a Profile

When registering as a participant, make sure you choose the correct participant category. Those categories are: Buyer, Supplier or Media. You need to agree to our privacy policy. Enter your company profice and personal data. In the networking profile, you describe your goals at the event and enter other networking relevant information in order to find the perfect networking match among all participants.

Prearranged Meetings

After creating profile, you will receive an email confirmation your registration will be reviewed. As soon as it has been accepted, you can start browsing other participants and message with them.

The calendars will be open 30.04.2021.

After the meetings calendars are opened, request appointments and react to incoming requests, deciding whether you want to accept or reject them, helping you fill up your schedule. When you request a meeting, the other person will receive an email where the request is shown. Participant can accept or reject meeting request. Then the one who requested will receive a message to his/hers email. If meeting request is approved that will be shown also in the meeting calendar.

All unapproved requests will remain max. 5 days valid. Until then those will be cancelled and one can ask an other potential meeting for the time slot.

Meetings are one-to-one only, no group meetings available. 

Each participant will have their own meeting list. You can block time slots if you are not able to meet.

Buyers, please note different time zones between your home country and Finland.

It is recommended to participate Training Sessions where the digital platform function is explained. By registering to the event you quaranteed that you have or you are able to use Google Chrome as browser. You need to test your computer functionality during one of our Testing Session concerning audio and camera functions. It is recommended to use operating system as Windows PC. There is a possibility to use smart telephone for conversations BUT you need to download the event digital system application. More information contact: office [at] and please participate in our Training Sessions! See the dates and training material under the title Training Sessions.

Training Sessions


Join an event, create profile and book meetings

Remote video URL

Attending at the event

Remote video URL

Make bookings

Remote video URL


Additional information, please contact us by email: office [at]

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