Invitation: Matka Workshop Day 2022 Pre and Post Tours for Buyers - also Virtual Tours available

Released 2.10.2021

Matka Workshop Day 2022 on Wednesday 19 January, is the largest travel trade event in the Northern Europe. You meet potential business partners in pre-scheduled 15 minutes meetings. In Meet Finland Finnish service providers meet international tour operators and in Global Workshop international suppliers meet buyers from Finland and Northern Europe, as well as from all over the world.

All participants are subject to pre-registration and validation.  NOTE! This site is not official site for Matka 2022 and Matka Workshop Day 2022 events. Only for those who are interested in participating different familiarization tours, Pre and Post Tours for tour operators and travel agents. Please click the link here for your workshop registration:      

Matka Workshop Day 2022 will be both in Helsinki, Finland as face-to-face  an online event. Meetings will be held between 9:10 and 17:00 (Finnish summer time; UTC +3) with two breaks.  Meeting calendars will be opened on 8 April 2021.


All registered Buyers are eligible to join also to different free fully hosted pre and post tours. 
You can choose max. 3 tours. 
Pre Tours are from 14.1 until 18.1.2022.
Post Tours are from 20.1 - 23.1.2022. 

You can choose tours from areas as follows:
Archipelago & Coastline: Oulu and TornioHaparanda (Finnish-Swedish border)

Matka2022_Post-Tour_HaparandaTornio (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Oulu-and_Kalajoki (pdf) Matka2022_Post-Tour_Pohjola_Route_Oulu (pdf)

Lakeland: Vuokatti, South Karelia, Jyväskylä, Suomussalmi-Hossa and North Karelia

Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Vuokatti (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Imatra&Lappeenranta_Lakeland (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Jyväskylä_Region (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Suomussalmi-Hossa (pdf) Matka2022_Post-Tour_North_Karelia (pdf)

Lapland: Levi, Ruka-Kuusamo, and Salla

Matka2022_ Pre-Tour_Levi (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Ruka-Kuusamo (pdf) Matka2022_Pre-Tour_Salla (pdf) Matka2022_ Post-Tour_Salla (pdf)

All tour itineraries will be published also in the event website

More about Matka Workshop Day 2022 including registration


We are able to confirm all applicants for different tours after the hosting destinations have been given their approvals. We have limited seats availabe for each tour, so we recommend you to register as soon as possible. It takes max. 2 weeks time to receive answer back for each tour application.

All tours are free of charge. 

Tours are conducted in English.

We need more information concerning your interest of registration for different pre and post tours. We have around 10 different Pre or Post tours available. There are more Pre tours than Post tours. All tours are visible in the Matka Workshop Day Registration site in the late autumn 2021. Also you can ask your personal copy by sending an email to mikael.hasegawa [at]


Some important information:

1. This is not registration site for Matka Workshop Day 2022 or Matka Travel Fair. This is registration site only for pre and post tour programmes or virtual tours.

2. You can participate to max. 3 tours as during the time range. Normally there is time to participate for 1 Pre tour and for 1 Post tour.

3. Our Fully Hosted Pre and Post Tour programme includes travel/transportation in/out Helsinki to final destination, accommodation, meals, excursions and hosting destination services.

4. Our Fully Hosted Pre and Post Tour programme doesn't include: your transportation from your home country to Helsinki f.ex. your flight ticket to Helsinki and back, shopping costs during Pre or Post tour and transfers to/from dispacthing point and your accommodation. See later DEPARTURE FOR PRE AND POST TOURS.


The process of acceptance is as follows:

1. Your registration here in the Pre and Post Tour site is necessary

2. Please indicate in this registration site your primary and secondary wish of the pre or post tour. We proceed your requests for both tours simultaneously. The approval for your tour request will be done by the hosting destination(s). It takes around 1 - 2 weeks max. to receive approval. It is important you put as much as possible information about your company and yourself. Also why you are interested about these Pre or Post tours. It is good to remember that there are limited number seats available for each tour. Normally it is from 4 - 10 seats/each tour.

3a. Approval

If you are receiving approval we proceed to more practical information and this is the reason why we are asking already here in the registration site those pieces of information. Those are: Date of Birth (DOB), your passport number, your name as it is written in passport or European Union Identity Card, gender, your shoe size, your outfit size for outdoor activities, your special diets or allergies we should be aware of.

3b. Disapproval

Sometimes you are not getting immeadiate approval from the hosting destination, because the limited amount of seats available. That is the reason why we are asking two choices of the tours. If both choices are disapproved, we are able to

add other Pre and Post tours available. This process is on until 8.1.2020.


When you are approved and accepted offered Pre or Post tour seat, the cancellation without any cancellation fee until 8.1.2022. After that the cancellation is 250 euros (+ VAT 24 if applicable). 


If the tour includes flight or train transportation taking you to the destination, you will receive ticket by email. It is necessary that when you are doing registration here, you put your personal email address.


We have several dispatching and departure stops for tours as follows:

1. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Those tours which includes flights. There is no transfer included to Hosted Buyer programme to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. You will receive information beforehand how to get to the airport. Our representative will be at the airport 1,5 hour prior to departure in Departure Hall with the sign "Matka Workshop Day Pre/Post Tour 2022"


To be able to apply for a pre tour, you need to be a registered and validated tour operator Buyer. In 2022, the virtual tours are organized during the following week of Matka 2022. Each Virtual Tour takes approx. 1 hour. 

All Virtual Tours will be published here:

Any further questions, please contact:
Mr. Mikael Hasegawa, mikael.hasegawa [at]

Matka Workshop Day 2022
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