Marketing of Tourism Destination

Released 20.8.2012

I am currently teaching at the University of Applied Science Haaga-Helia in Haaga Campus. The topic is one of my favourites: Marketing of Tourism Destination. The course is 3 credits and taking my time until October 2012.

The Course is covering pretty much everything from Destination Operations point of view specializing in marketing. I wanted to share these topics with you as well:

›1. Introducing destinations and destinations marketing
›2. Destinations – an amalgam of tourism services and experiences
›3. The importance and the critical roles played by the DMO (Destination Management Organization) in the tourism policy development and implementation.
›4. The strategic purpose of destinations and their management and marketing
›5. Main markets and destination choice
›6. Types of destinations, target markets and marketing strategies required
›7. Marketing research: identifying market segments for destination products
›8. Marketing destinations: strategies and practices
›9. Destination marketing mix: formulating the destination product, pricing the destination, distributing tourism destinations, promoting the destination.
›10. Destination Branding
›11. Destination Image
›12. Destination positioning in the marketplace.


Quite impressive amount of knowledge and experience to be put into this course. This is for any destination manager a good Reminder List what you need to cover if you are running a resort or other tourist destination.

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