Individual Traveller (FIT)

Yksittäiselle matkailijalle (FIT)

International trends show there is more demand for individual - or as we call FIT  travel (= free independent traveller)  rather than group travelling. There is maybe more interest in young and trendy adults than +50 couples (baby boomers, empty nesters, WHOPs (= wealthy, healthy, older people). To reach these groups marketing is differing from each other. The first group is reached more in image and product marketing using eMarketing tools and through on-line tour operators. The latter group perhaps using more traditional distribution channels, but this is very rough description.

Leisure traveller is more focus on when there are vacation periods, especially during summer months. The city break theme is also having clientele which is travelling during longer weekends, from Thursday to Monday.

You will find also traditional tour operators and travel agencies which are selling packages for individual travellers. Short break includes mainly flight and accommodation. Some customers like to purchase other services in the final destination. Some are using so called dynamic packaging to purchase the package before the trip. City breaks are growing market at the moment globally.

The cycle of marketing is important when we are talking about traditional tour operators. One have to be patient at the same time. It takes sometimes years to reach in ultime goal to have one's product or package in tour operators manual or website. Service supplier should note in services as follows:

  • capacities
  • pricing (retail prices, sales margins)
  • accessibility (transportations)
  • seasons
  • reservation systems

Products, services, packages should be ready for summer season already in Autumn year before. Winter season is demanding its products to ready for sale already in the end of Spring same year. The penatration time in different target market areas varies a lot. Chinese and Russian markets are normally reacting quite fast. Japanese market is reacting quite slowly due to it's different tourism hierarchy and efficient consumer laws.

Please, get acquinted with our Market Actions and ask for an offer. We are ready to give more detailed information about our campaigns, projects and actions in different cycle of marketing.  

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