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Summer Fun Finland Workshop 2019

Our investments in marketing are divided into four different divisions. Additionally there are destination and company branding ( Image Marketing ), tour operators and travel agents visits and media PR. We have experience to operate in over 20 different target market areas in the world with over 30 consecutive years.


It is extremely important to focus in accessibility issues in the destination. Routes, flight, ship and train connections combine essential challenge which can make other marketing operations either easier or more difficult. We are experienced in planning the routes. We have been cooperating with train and ferry companies producing packages and doing joint marketing efforts.

Working with airline companies, ToolBox has attended ROUTES events organized annually, every year globally and once a year also targeting only to European market.  For us, the most valuable cooperation company has been Finavia from Finland.

Direct consumer marketing

We have done mainly consumer marketing in Finland and in nearby countries such as Estonia, Russia and Sweden. Cross-marketing events and campaigns have been done also in other countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom. The most important has been to secure the easy access to sales in all campaigns and to find local partners to work with.  

Traditional tour operators and travel agencies

Traditional distribution channels have been facing turbulences in recent years. Several tour operators have been sold to bigger wholesalers or they have emerged with similar kind of companies by getting bigger nationwide or even covering several countries. Some companies have faced banktrupcy. Some have found their survival strategy in specializationfor  more niche groups. It is not easy for travel agencies either. They have faced commission cuts which have created financial problems for them.

Finland has been in this turmoil also but the DMC and DMO sector have found also a solution in public-private partnerships. Finnish outbound tour operators are merged together and all of them have eSales. We keep contact with the Finnish DMCs and DMOs and at the same time communicate with foreign buyers. Sales visits, events, FAM trips and campaigns are typical ways of doing marketing in this field. 

eMarketing and on-line tour operators

There are new tour operators which are operating only online. Several of them are not only national in their marketing actions but have also customers globally. The national ones are usually smaller but they still have an important role. The global operators are expanding rapidly. ToolBox has worked with these operators and we are able to help you in campaigning and choosing the right distribution channels. 


TripAdvisor and ToolBox Consulting Ltd. have an agreement for promoting this most important tourism portal for local companies and destinations. 

We recommend the TripAdvisor should be one of the basic tourism promotion infrastructural tool to keep up communication especially with the customers. We recommend also that the English language is enough to create awareness globally. The next important languages are Spanish and Japanese. TripAdvisor operates also in Chinese but it has a different marketing name (Bao Bao).

Price: starting price 5 000 euros + VAT 24 %, a good annual presence one will get with investments of 15 000 - 20 000 euros + VAT as an annual activity. If you need training for understanding the mechanism of TripAdvisor we are able to provide seminar or training courses about eMarketing including

Please see example of TripAdvisor landing page here; Case Stockholm:

More information: kari.halonento(at)


ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is a member and campaign partner of  European Tour Operator Association (ETOA).  We promote and organize possibilities to join in ETOA activities. For example City-Fair, GEM, HEM and other events are part of this cooperation. ToolBox is mainly operating in Baltic states, Nordic countries (Scandinavia) and Russia.

We are looking for proper destination to host this event in Northern Europe. There is also another option where the event will be organized in London and the delegation of tourist destination is coming to UK capital. 

Time to organize Travel Showcase event is all year round.

Two options:

1. Travel Showcase workshop and FAM trip in your destination, price 15 000,00 £ ( about 19 252,00, exchange rate 17.1.2022 ).     

ETOA will invite around 30 foreign tour operators for the event.  

Price do not include programme of the FAM trip in the area, nor travel or accommodation expences.

2. Travel Showcase in London, price 6 000,00 £ ( about 7 700 € ( exchange rate 17.1.2022 ).

There will be around 20  foreign Buyers invited to the location in London. 

Price do not include travel or accommodation expences or meals except of possible meal and beverage service during the event.

Are you interested in these activities? Please contact Mr. Kari Halonen, kari.halonen [at]

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