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Great Britain has been an important target market area for Nordic countries. Surveys indicate around 35 % are on leisure trip, 40 % on business trip and 21 % on relative visits (the rest unknown). The average length of stay is rather short, around 50 % staying between 1 – 3 days. The most important area is Greater London , which is covering 1/3 of all visitors to Nordic countries.

When asked specifically about the Brexit vote: 39 % said last year’s referendum result had no discernible impact on their business, while 28 % reported a positive impact. The remaining 33 %, many of whom also cater to the outbound tourism market, said it was already having a negative effect. Notably, many respondents commented that it may be “ too early to tell ”.


The UK economy recovered from the COVID-19 shock thanks to emergency support measures protecting jobs and incomes and a rapid vaccine rollout, but is slowing amid persisting supply shortages and rising ination. Fiscal policy has to balance gradual tightening with providing well-targeted temporary support to households who are vulnerable to rising costs of living, supporting growth and addressing signicant investment needs. Accelerating progress towards net zero is fundamental to enhance energy security. The United Kingdom is among world leaders in reducing domestic greenhouse gas emissions, has a strong institutional framework and a broad political consensus supporting the target to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050.


  • Sales visits
  • Media and PR
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Campaigns with on-line tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns


City Fair 2023
Event organized by ETOA, European Tour Operator Association. Global event, with buyers also from outside of the UK.
Time: June 2022, TBC

Price: 2 900 € + VAT 24 %
Place: London, Great Britain
Price includes:  Sales table next to other sellers of the same nation, a meeting schedule list, direct e-mail promotion to potential buyers, lunch during the workshop day, welcome reception the night before the workshop.
Price does not include: Travel expenses, accommodation, meals
Please note: A minimum of 6 companies is required

Pop-up event in Borough Market in London 2023
Tailor-made promotion event for consumers, media and travel trade. Organized together with various lifestyle industries. The event is for the Finnish market only.
Time: 26.9-1.10.2022
Place: Borough Market, London

Price: 3 500 € / day + VAT 24 %

Price includes: rent and arrangements of the pop-up facility, insurance, electricity, water, cleaning
Price does not include: Travel expenses, accommodation, meals, freight
Please note:  Only for the Finnish market. A minimum of 4 companies is required.

World Travel Market 2022 and 2023

WTM London introduces global travel buyers to over 5,000 of the biggest destinations and brands in the world. WTM London prides itself on being the hub of travel ideas. We aim to give you, the global travel trade an insight of how the industry will look in the next five years, share innovations, and create endless business opportunities over the course of three days.

The stand at WTM is called ”Green North” and it is dedicated for companies and destinations located in the Baltic states, Nordic countries and Western Russia. Our stand is in Hall Europe where all European exhibitors are located.

Time and Place: 07.11-09.11.2022; ExCel, London

Price: 3 500 € + VAT 24 % (1 representative); 850 € + VAT 24 % additional representative from the same company.

Price includes:Organizing the event and stand, registration for the official Exhibitor Manual and ToolBox partner assistance.

Price does not include: Travel expenses, accommodation, meals 

Please note: The Green North stand is available for 12 Exhibitors.



The expenditure of outbound tourists from Ireland decreased in 2021 over the previous year, after dropping sharply in 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Overall, outbound tourism spending amounted to roughly 1.96 billion euros in 2021, declining from 2.1 billion euros in 2020 and only accounting for around 24 percent of the expenditure reported in 2019.


Against the backdrop of high COVID-19 vaccination rates, the full reopening of the economy is boosting a broad-based recovery, with GDP projected to increase by 4.8% in 2022 and 2.7% in 2023. Business conditions underpin sizeable employment gains, while household excess savings and wage increases support consumer spending. However, surging inflationary pressures, caused by disruptions in global supply chains and geopolitical concerns, will cut households’ real income and dampen consumption growth.


  • Sales visits
  • Media and PR
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Campaigns with on-line tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns

All activities on request. Please contact: office [at]

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ToolBox Consulting at WTM 2022
ToolBox Consulting attends at WTM 2022 and 2023
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Invitation to World Travel Market 2024 in London 5.11 - 7.11.2024

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