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The main focus is on the German market. According to UNWTO research Germany has, together with China and USA, been one of the top international tourism source markets in terms of number of travellers and spending.

Switzerland is also an interesting market with good connections to Finland and other countries around the Baltic Sea. 



The Austrian economy is projected to expand by 3.6% in 2022 and 1.4% in 2023 though Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has lowered growth prospects. The labour market is tightening, reflecting strong employment growth and rising job vacancies. Private consumption is set to be the main growth driver. Elevated uncertainty, higher energy prices, labour shortages and supply-chain disruptions are weighing on business investment and export growth. Headline inflation is expected to increase sharply to 6.7% in 2022 but ease modestly over 2023.


  • Agent FAM trips
  • Roadshows/Workshops
  • Tour Operator Campaigns (local and/or online tour operators)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales Visits to Austrian Tour Operators
  • E-Newsletters to Tour Operators 



The economy is projected to grow by 1.9% in 2022 and 1.7% in 2023, with the recovery hampered by the war in Ukraine, and an embargo on Russian oil. Rising inflation is reducing household purchasing power, damping the rebound of private consumption. Investor and consumer confidence have collapsed and supply chain bottlenecks have worsened, postponing the recovery of industrial production and exports towards the end of 2022, despite a large order backlog. The recovery could be further derailed by a sudden stop of gas imports from Russia or more persistent lockdowns in China.


German market is still one of the strongest and the biggest in tourism business. It is especially dominating in Europe. Outbound leisure travel is heavily concentrated on short- and medium-haul destinations in the Mediterranean and Europe. There are several pull factors for Germans to come to the Baltic states, the Nordic countries and Russia. The role of tour operators continue to be quite important and there are still some  tour operators specialized in selling the Nordic countries. Low budget airlines, frequent ferry connections in the Baltic Sea and Via Baltica are providing the German market with good accessibility. Material in German language is needed.

We are mainly focusing in three different target groups in Germany:
1. Family travel
2. DINKs, young and trendy adults, the GLBT market
3. WHOPs, senior travellers, +50
Roundtrip activity packages are our focus for German language portals and local tour operators. 


  • Agent FAM trips
  • Roadshows/Workshops
  • Tour Operator Campaigns (local and/or online tour operators)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales Visits to German and/or Swiss Tour Operators
  • E-Newsletters to Tour Operators 


Product Development trip
4-day trip with site inspection, evaluation of products available, selection of suitable product for the German speaking markets, insights in the German speaking travel markets and suggestions for tailor-made marketing activities. Up to 3 destinations can be visited within four days, with shared costs.
Time: All year round
Price: 3 600 € + VAT 24 %
Price includes: Site inspection, evaluation of product available, selection of suitable product for the German speaking markets, insights in the German speaking travel markets, suggestions for tailor-made marketing activities.
Price does not include: Travel expenses and other related costs upon notice.

Visibility and conversion development
Jointly identify unique selling points suitable for German speaking markets for up to 3 partnering regions in Finland. You receive a written evaluation of your promotion material (print and website) with specific consideration of German speaking markets. Together we fine-tune and adapt the marketing strategy, print and insert online material for up to 3 partnering regions in Finland.
Time: All year round
Price: 3 600 € + VAT 24 %
Price includes: Identification of selling points, written evaluation, marketing strategy analysis and adaption in case required, suggestion of marketing activities.
Price does not include: Travel costs and all other related costs upon notice.

Roadshow/Workshop, one evening – MICE and Leisure tourism
This Reception/Workshop can be either a Lunch or a Dinner Event in main cities of Germany or Switzerland. Expected audience: 25-30 tour operators/MICE agents plus trade press.
Time: spring and autumn
Place: Germany or Switzerland
1 100 € (Germany) + VAT 24 %
1 200 € (Switzerland) + VAT 24 %
Price includes: Organization, location, technical equipment, catering during the event

Price does not include: Travel expenses, accommodation, meals, freight
Please note: A minimum of 7 companies is required.

Sales Visit – MICE and Leisure tourism
Sales Visits over 3 days in Germany and/or Switzerland. Selected cities can be a combination of the most important cities in Germany. A maximum of 3 partners can share the costs.
Place: Germany and/or Switzerland
Price: 4 800 € + VAT 24 %
Price includes: Organization, escorting
Price does not include: Travel expenses for all partners and escorting person.

Famtrip – Leisure tourism
Itinerary will be agreed beforehand and organized in cooperation with the partners in Finland. The fee is valid for fam trips duration of max. 4 days in Finland including escort from Germany. Longer trips are subject to a surcharge.
Time: All year round
Place: Finland
Price: 1 800€  + VAT 24%
Price includes: Itinerary planning, complete invitation process incl. follow up, escort from Germany incl. escort travel costs to first arrival point in Finland
Price does not nclude: Travel costs to Finland for participates, travel, accommodation, program, catering costs during the trip.
Please note: A minimum  of 4 companies is required.

E-Newsletter – MICE and Leisure tourism
Regular contact to the travel scene is essential for keeping a good relationship with your clients. We offer regular e-newsletters to German speaking tour operators with relevant sales and marketing information about your Product or Region. We recommend 3-4 newsletters per year. Your logo and website will be included. Please note that you need to deliver the newsletter content in English or German. Up to 3 partners can be featured in one newsletter and the cost can be shared.
Time: All year round
Price: 1 150 € + VAT 24 %
Price includes: Translation, copy-writing, image selection, technical setup, mail-out of newsletter, tracking report.



GDP is projected to grow by 2.5% in 2022 and 1.3% in 2023. Slower demand due to the war in Ukraine will moderate the growth of exports and investment. Continued improvements in the labour market and a reduction of the high savings rate will underpin consumption. Rising prices of energy and goods affected by supply bottlenecks will be a headwind to growth and push headline inflation above the Swiss central bank’s target range to 2.5% in 2022, before slowing to 1.8% in 2023.


  • Sales visits
  • Media and PR events
  • Cross-marketing
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination

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