East Asia


Very interesting market area especially on focus of Chinese and South Korean markets. Also markets in Japan and Taiwan are interesting. China has been taking the lead of the biggest outbound traveller nation. There are still some obstacles to go in China. Mainly related to visa procedures and length of stay in the Nordic and Baltic destinations. Different types of visa status is one thing which is

China (People's Republic of China)

China will be predominantly taking the lead of the biggest traveller group. There are still many obstacles to go there more related to visa procedures. ADS status and business visa travellers are those which are currently the issues we are talking here. The role of independent travelers (FIT) is increasing. Luxury market is quite strong despite some economical worries. There are more customer segments than in previous years. Travel trade is getting more professional and consumers more experienced travellers. Still the main stream of the Chinese outbound travellers are those who are travelling in groups and perhaps very first time in Baltic Sea area.

China and Confucianism - Chinese Cultural Pack-back

China and Confucianism (pdf)

We are expecting Chinese outbound travellers to be increased in 2020 up to 160 000 visitors globally! China will be again the biggest spenders also comparing any other nationalities.

Chinese are still frequently combining many countries in their tour, so that is the reason why we are also promoting larger area than one country particularly. The average length of stay can be under two nights in each destination. There will be more individual travelers, which are looking for new destinations and they are more experienced and ready stay longer in one destination. School Camps and Medical Toursim are also quite popular themes.

China's economic growth is likely to slow to close 6,5 percent in 2020 due to excess capacity in real estate and some industrial sectors is being worked off . Beijing governments efforts to tackle factory overcapacity and pollution have hit output, while a sustained anti-corruption campaign has hurt consumption, especially of high-end goods. Capital outflows should be liberalized with appropriate sequencing so as to help create a more balanced two-way market for the renminbi. Inflation is really low, 0,5 %. More people from countryside are moving to the big cities in China. The economical focus is in the east coast of China.

In Hongkong the economy is seen recovering some ground in 2020 on a favorable base effect and some support from fiscal stimulus. However, activity is set to remain feeble, as protracted instability will likely continue weighing on domestic activity. A further deterioration of the domestic situation and the U.S.-China trade war are the key downside risks. Our panel expects growth of 0.7% in 2020, which is down 0.7 percentage points from last month’s forecast. Moving to 2021, the panel expects the economy to grow 2.4%.


  • Travel fairs and workshops
  • Sales visits
  • Social media campaigns
  • Special Interest Programmes to be launched
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination


Acting as GSA for your destination/company
Our Chinese speaking staff is acting as intermediate agent between Chinese customers and your company. GSA = General Sales Agent. We can act as helpdesk for the travel trade and consumers by using Chinese social media sites and by email.

CITM 2021 Shanghai
18,000 trade and 30 000 public visitors. CITM is held every other (even) years in Shanghai and is the largest professional travel trade event in China.
Date:  November 2021
Price: 3 900€ / company (max. 2 participants)
Included: Stand “Green North”, stand, manuals, pre-arranged meetings (joint pre-arranged meetings and shared meeting table)
Not included: Travel and accommodation costs, meals
Please note: Minimum amount of participants is 6

COTTM Fair, Beijing 2021
China's leading outbound travel exhibitions for the Chinese travel trade only. 
Time: 12. - 14 April, 2021
Place: Beijing, China

Early Bird prices until 15.12.2020

1 200€ + VAT 24 % / company / representative / shared table. Total price with 2 companies 2 400€
1 900€ + VAT 24% / company / representative / own table

Normal prices until 28.2.2021

1 400€ + VAT 24 % / company / representative / shared table. Total price with 2 companies 2 800€
2 100€ + VAT 24% / company / representative / own table 

Price includes: Stand “Green North”, event arrangements, stand, manuals, prearranged meetings
Not included: Travel costs, accommodation, meals, freight costs
Please note: Minimum 8 companies needed

ToolBox Chinese Outbound Tourism Development 
 We are providing tourism development projects, training courses, researches and marketing events. "Main Entrance to China" is our most popular training course which takes 2 days intensive seminar and workshop. “Main Entrance to China" courses 
2 days Structure of the course: 5 modules. There is also an access for special Chinese outbound tourism database and for Tour Operator listing. Also “eMarketing in China” 1 day and “Chinese Tourist Welcome II” ½ day. Ask more information: office [at] toolboxtravel.fi
   350€ + VAT 24% / person (2 days programme)
3 500€ + VAT 24% / destination (2 days programme, max. 16 participants)

Registration: Click the the link https://forms.gle/uL7QBQCYJ6N7Wwgh9 

China - Hong Kong

Hongkong outbound tourism market differs from the one in mainland China. It is more matured and travelling habits include also incentive travel, FIT travel, family travel, cruise travel and activities indoor and outdoor. It is good to remember the Hongkongese residents don't need visa to get into EU countries.

There are many Hongkongese tour operators and travel agencies, which are having growing interest over the Baltic Sea area which is considered as one big destination. "Country hopping" is normal phenomenon both FIT and group travel.


  • Sales visits
  • Media and PR
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Campaigns with on-line tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Incentive travel packages
  • Cruise packages
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns


Hongkong Workshop and Guangzhou Workshop Roadshow  in April, 2021

We are organizing a workshop to improve knowledge of destinations and tourism companies located in Baltic states, Nordic countries and West Russia.

We are expecting around 60 Hongkongese and Guangzhou companies and some travel media representatives to attend at these workshops. You are able to combine this event also to  COTTM 2020 B2B travel fair in Beijing 9.9 - 11.9.2020.

Time: April 2021

Place: Hongkong

Price: €750 + VAT 24%, 1 participant/company

         € 250 + VAT 24%, 2nd participant from the same company

Place: Guangzhou 8.9.2020

Price: €750 + VAT 24%, 1 participant/company

         € 250 + VAT 24%, 2nd participant from the same company

Price includes: Organizing workshop, table at the workshop, Buyers Manual, ToolBox representative services. Train ticket Hongkong - Guangzhou - Hongkong if the participant will adjoin to the workshop of Guangzhou too.

Price doesn’t include: Travel and accommodation costsmeal, s, freight costs, excursions in Hongkong, possible visa or travel document costs.                     

 Note! You may need a visa to enter in Hongkong and Guangzhou.   We need minimum 8 companies to organize this Workshop. 

Registration: Not later than 28.02.2021, by clicking the link office [at] toolboxtravel.fi (https://forms.gle/Er4j5L8PspGKpa826)

More information: office [at] toolboxtravel.fi, Tel. +358 50 375 1328


Hong Kong International Travel Expo
The only travel show in Hong Kong with MICE sector. Buyers from Hong Kong, China and Asia.
Time: June 2021
Price: 2 250€ + VAT 24% (min. 3 companies needed for the 9 sqm booth).
Included: company logo, brochure distribution, newsletter to trade and media, full set of trade/media database, local brochure copywriting (A4 size)
Not included: travel costs, accommodation, meals
Registration by: 28.02.2022



One can say that Japanese ladies are decision makers. Word of mouth is more important in short-haul destination decisions. Tourist offices and agents role is more important when talking long-haul destinations. IT promotion only has limited role in final decision making. Japanese consumers appreciate printed materials in Japanese.
There are several interesting trends going on in Japan:
• Group traveling →Individual traveling
• Ordinary sightseeing →Purpose led programs
• Touring around → Single destination
Travel agencies shift to inbound business. At the same time package tour business is getting smaller. Global booking engines are getting more popular. Cruises are gaining sales more and more among Japanese consumers. Website is main booking tool among consumers.


Economic growth is projected to edge up to 1,3% in 2019 and 0,9% in 2020 (GDP). The private consuption is estimated to be increasing in 2020 - after zero growrith in three past years. Japan will host the Summer Olympics in 2020 and that will hopefully has some impact to the local economy.  But consumer spending is weak and cash-rich firms have been reluctant to make big pay rises. To reduce obstacles in employment is the key priority in Japan.


  • Sales visits to tour operators
  • Media and consumer events
  • Tour operators and media visits to Finland
  • Participating in traditional workshop events
  • Viral marketing in social media


Pop-up event in Japanese department store
Combining food, design, handicrafts and tourism for Japanese consumers.
Time: November 2021 (duration 5 days) 
Place: Tokyo, Mitsukoshi department store
Price: 3 500€ /company, max. two company representatives
Included: Organizing the event, sales stand, cashier and storage
Not included: Travel and accommodation costs, meals, freight and customs declarations
Please note: Minimum 5 companies needed 

Guide books
Printed guide books are popular among Japanese travel consumers. Many bring those books with them during the holiday. They follow tips and guidelines of the book. Guide books are valid 1 – 3 years. There are internet versions available too. Guide books size is 135mm x 210mm
Time: All year around
Place: Distributed in Japan
1/1 page 3 700€ 
1/2 page 3 200€
Included: Destination or company information, project timetable and coordination, translations in Japanese language
Not included: -
Please note: The guide books are published approx. every 2 years. Internet information is updated more often. 

JATA 2021 Sales Event

Japan Travel Expo is the biggest annual event in Japan for travel trade. JATA is both for consumers and travel trade where the first two days are dedicated to travel trade and weekend for consumers. ToolBox Sales Event is organized along the JATA event in nearby hotel where we are inviting both travel trade and consumers to meet Suppliers. The event is combination of reception and workshop. The event is for all Suppliers operating in Baltic states, Nordic countries and West Russia (St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast).

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Time: 6 - 9, January 2021

Price: 1900 euros + VAT 24 % (where applicable)/one company representative, additional representative 500 euros + VAT 24 % (where applicable)

Price includes: organizing the sales event, company reception table, entrance tickets to Japan Travel Expo, Supplier Manual, ToolBox representative service

Price doesn’t include: travel and accommodation costs, meals and freight expenses

Note: 10 companies needed

Registration: office [at] toolboxtravel.fi 

More information: Mr. Mikael Hasegawa, mikael.hasegawa [at] toolboxtravel.fi 


South Korea


The market leader there is Hana Tours, which is also providing its own annual sales event. Baltic Sea region is having both FIT and groups. Oddity from South Korea is student groups, which are mainly young adults. Those groups are staying in country capitals and major cities for several weeks and are looking for leisure programmes especially for the weekends. South Koreans tend to have combination of several countries in Europe during their journeys. There is an emerging new market of older consumers. Travelling is relatively new thing to many. South Koreans combine several countries on their journey to Europe.


Recently, the IMF projected that the global economy will grow at a low rate of 3.0% in 2019 due to trade disputes and sluggish manufacturing, and then climb to 3.4% in 2020 as emerging countries recover at a modest pace. Korea’s economic growth could rally slightly if external economic conditions gradually improve in 2020, but the pace of recovery in the private sector will likely be limited. Private consumption will show a slight recovery as consumption sentiment bounces back but the GDI improves slowly.


  • Sales visits to tour operators
  • Media and consumer events
  • Tour operators and media visits to Finland
  • Participating in traditional workshop events
  • Viral marketing in social media 


HITS – Hana Tour International Travel Show 2021
It is the largest travel marketplace (B2B) held by Hana Tour (No.1 wholesaler) in Korea and the best way to distribute your product brochures to many qualified travel retailers & agencies.
As B2B travel fair, companies (travel wholesaler, retailers, destination, airlines, etc.) are participating. Number of visitors in 2013: 85,000 (consumers), more than 600 (travel trade).
As Joint Partners’ participation as Finland Travel Booth, it is also possible to participate with the theme of Region or Special Theme.
Time:  May 2021
Place: Seoul (Greater Seoul area), Korea
Price: 1 900€ + VAT 24%
Included: Booth, coordination
Not included: Travel fair, accommodation, meals
Please note: Minimum 4 companies needed

Sales calls to the Korean travel trade
Sales calls accompanying with Korean professional (English). All the appointments will be made upon request and discussion of the seller. Face to face meeting with travel agencies is almost “must” activity for newly entering companies for the Korean market. This is the best activity to discuss product development.
1 day: 540€ + VAT 24%
2 days: 950€ + VAT 24%  
1 week: 1 900€ + VAT 24% 
Included: Coordination, pre-information kit for the buyer, English and Korean interpretation
Not included: Travel and accommodation costs, meals, freight

Digital marketing activities
All digital marketing activities are available all year around. There are no minimum or maximum limits.
1) Online Viral Marketing on Korean portal website (Naver, Daum)
When potential travelers look for the particular travel information. The seller’s company product information will be displayed as online posting.
Price: Starting from 600€ + VAT 24% per month. Can also be realized as a Seasonal Campaign.
2) E-newsletter distribution (to the travel trade and media)
We will produce the e-newsletter, distribute to the valuable trade/media (100 companies).
E-Newsletter can combine 5-10 sellers information/news and is suggested to be sent 3-4 times/year.
Price: 1 000€ + VAT 24% per 1 sending (Combined 5-10 sellers’ information)
3) Company online blog or Café creation/ operation
Range of service can be discussed on demand. Café Creation means ToolBox representative is renting existing Seoul based cafeteria where hosted café is created for the client.

Sales Data Development
Development of sales database e.g. travel agents, media journalists etc. Organized by ToolBox representative in Seoul. Database will be delivered in English. 
Price: Basic 600€ + VAT 24%
Included: 50 contacts

Our partner companies:
in mainland China China Tekway, and Astroshiny Investment
in Hong Kong Green North Investment Ltd.
in South Korea Michelle Kwan


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