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We are mainly interested in Polish and Ukrainian markets. Polish market is interesting because amount of inhabitants. Close to 40 million people in Europe makes them very interesting target group. What we have seen so far is that many European destinations - especially those ones having euro as currency - are quite expensive for Polish customers. This is a small hinder in the market. There are several ways Polish visitors are coming to Baltic States, Finland and Nordic countries:

  • Via Baltica by car and by bus
  • via Denmark by car and by bus
  • via ferry connections to Sweden and from there to Estonia, Finland and Latvia
  • by plane from Cracow and Warsaw

Ukraine market is also interesting for travel trade. Unfortunately many times they have been mixed up with Russian clients due to the fact that many Russian tour operators are having filial in Ukraine and they are booked by these Russian companies. So Ukrainians are calculated as Russians in many statistics. At the moment current situation has been putting Ukrainian outbound travel in hault. We have been inviting during these past years Ukrainian tour operators for different FAM trips.



Due to the high cost of travelling outside the country, the majority of outbound Poles are expected to shorten the duration of their outbound stays, although they are also expected to organize outbound trips more often. This tendency is set to include weekend trips and city breaks. Other ways to save time when booking overseas holidays is to choose countries which are located in closer proximity to Poland. Mainstream holidays, sun and beach holidays and round trips offer the best product potential. Demand for niche products is still relatively small, but interest is expected to increase. As Polish travellers are very price sensitive, tour operators underline the importance of price promotions. 


The World Bank estimates that Poland's GDP growth in 2020 will amount to 3.6%, and will slow to 3.3% in 2021. The continuation of solid growth in private consumption, together with a recovery in investment, is forecast to lead to faster economic growth. The labour market has performed well so far but is expected to tighten with labour supply negatively affected by a lowering of the statutory retirement age. In 2020 inflation will be 1,8% and unemployment rate 5,9%.


  • Media, bloggers and PR
  • FAM trips
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Sales visits
  • Trade events 


Poland - Czech Republic - Hungary Workshop Roadshow

Time: September 2021

Place: Warsaw (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary)

Price: 1900€ + VAT 24 %, one city 700€ + VAT 24%

Price includes:  organizing events in three cities, Buyers Manual, ToolBox representative services

Price doesn't include: travel and accommodation costs, meals


Will be published in spring 2021

Note! Minimum amount of participating companies is 4.

Registration:  office [at] toolboxtravel.fi


TV Programme Project
We are looking for a destination in winter 2019-2020 and spring 2020 for a tv programme series. Target audience groups are families with children and young adults. Each episode is 15 minutes long and the idea is to show travel destinations in Scandinavian. One programme is having three themes or travel destinations.  
Price: starting from 4 500€ + VAT 24%

Tour operator, travel agent and media visits in one Scandinavian country
Typical tour operator FAM trip normally takes 3 - 4 days.
Media trips includes also article(s) in winter and spring 2020. There is a choice to choose print where the article is made for.
The availability is for activities, fishing or other hobbies. Other options are for daily magazines and family lifestyle media. Paid articles are the most common way to choose the right media. 
Price: tour operator, travel agent and/or media visit, starting from 3 000€ + VAT 24% 

Gazeta Wyborcza
Gazeta Wyborcza is the biggest newspaper in Poland. The newspaper has over 180 000 daily readers. Our campaign includes 1 or 4-page article and the distribution of the newspaper will be mostly in Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow and Poznan. 
Registration fee: Gazeta Wyborcza article;
1 page 8 950€ + VAT 24%
4 pages 19 000€ + VAT 24%
Registration: Not later than one month prior to chosen date

Gazeta Wyborcza Internet Campaign
Gazeta Wyborcza popular internet site which divided in four different geographically local sites. We produce article campaing for one week in the sites as follows: www.warszawa.gazeta.plwww.trojmiasto.gazeta.plkrakow.gazeta.pl and 
To increase the volume there is a banner campaign during the same week of the internet campaign. Banner clicks will be around 70 000. 
Price: Gazeta Wyborcza internet campaign, 6 750€ + VAT 24%
Registration: One month prior to chosen date

Other media
Fishing travel articles ”Wedkarski Siwat” magazine, 1 page article. The articles are editorials. We are able to use tourist destination and companies own text and images. 
Travel Enclosure ”Odkryj Europe”, 1 – 4 page articles.
Price: Starting from 1 500€ + VAT 24%
Registration: One month prior to the chosen date of publication

Tour Operator event
Half day with catering and Suppliers’ Manual.
Time: All year around
Place: Warsaw
Price: 2 250€ + VAT 24%

Translation in Polish
Translation from English to Polish is 3,80€ / original text row (row = 60 strokes) + VAT 24%. The volume of text is negotiated with the client.
Price: Proof reading from 50€ + VAT 24%

For more information and/or a tailor made offer please contact us at: office [at] toolboxtravel.fi.

Travel Article

Invitation: Matka Workshop Day 2022 Pre and Post Tours for Buyers - also Virtual Tours available

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