Southern Europe


Southern Europe has been facing many economical troubles in recent years. Still travelling has been big part of their leisure habits. In our ranking Spain will come first, then France and Italy. 



The economic situation in France has been improving, Finland is still the leading country among the Nordic countries in terms of leisure tourism. Winter in Finland remains the privileged season for the French market.

Regarding the summer, sales to Baltic Sea Region could be more significant with more targeted nature activities, products, more visibility, more communication… Norway remains the leader among the Nordic countries during the summer season for the French market. Internet bookings are more and more popular for French travelers to all destinations. 


Economic growth will remain robust at an annual pace of around 1½ per cent in 2020-21 thanks to stronger external demand, a rebound in tourism, robust business confidence and job creation. Still supportive financing conditions and business tax cuts will boost business investment, despite slowing external demand. Core inflation will strengthen, underpinned by the firming of the economy and a pick-up in wages. GDP will grow around 1,5 % in 2021. Unemployment is 8,6 %. 


  • Sales visits
  • Media and PR
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Campaigns with on-line tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns 


ILTM Cannes 2021 - luxury travel market
 December 2020
Place: Cannes, France 
12 500 € + VAT 24 % one representative
900 € + VAT 24 % additional representative 
Included: Organizing the event; stand, manuals, agreed meetings, French and English speaking ToolBox partner assistance. 
Not included: Travel and accommodation costs, meals  
Please note: Minimum amount of participants the Green North stand is available for 4 suppliers. 
Registration: office [at] 



Still travelling has been big part of Italians leisure habits. The target area is focusing on Northern Italy due to its biggest potential. Also there is demand for Northern European destinations in Greater Rome area. E-commerce continues to grow rapidly in Italy with travel and tourism consistently top seller. Italians remain budget conscious and are increasingly booking “last minute” to take advantage of special deals. It is a habit to use bank holiday to create “ponti” which links the weekends to the bank holiday with some days added.

Italian travel trade consider there will be 3,2% growth coming in volumes especially to Northern Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting to travel possibilities of outbound tourism. There are plans to open up travelling already during summer 2021. There have been banktrupcies within outbound tourism industry due to the travel restrictions for longer period.


Growth has resumed but productivity is still falling. GDP growth is projected to increase to close 4.0% in 2021. Private consumption will continue to be the main driver of the recovery, which will continue to broaden to investment and exports. Employment gains will buttress household disposable income. Excess capacity is narrowing but consumer price inflation and wage pressures will remain muted. Unemployment rate will come up to 11,6%. Inflation will be quite moderate, 0,8% in year 2021.


  • Media and PR
  • Campaigns with local tour operators
  • Campaigns with on-line tour operators
  • Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns


Baltic Sea workshop for travel trade, Milan 2021
One day B2B sales event in Milan City center. Meetings with approximately 25 Italian buyers, tour operators, big agents and incentive houses.
Time: October 2021
Place: Milan city centre, Italy
Price: 1 300€ + VAT 24%
Included: Own sales table, Buyers Manual, internet access, electricity, organized event
Not included: Travel expenses, meals
Please note: 8 – 20 suppliers needed

TTG Travel Trade fair, Rimini 2021
International travel trade fair in Rimini. This annual three-days event takes place for the 58st time in 2021. Figures: 50,000 trade visitors, more than one thousand direct exhibitors and 2,400 companies represented from 100 countries.
Time: October 2021
Place: Rimini, Fair center
4 200€ + VAT 24% with own desk
Included: Own or shared desk with another company at the Nordic stand, 3 nights days in local hotel with breakfast, support and hosting of ToolBox's representative during the fair.
Not included: Travel expenses, freight of the company's own material

Baltic Sea Workshop, Rome 2021
One day's event in the center of Rome, Italy. Unique day to get together with Finnish and Italian travel industry, press, Finland Embassy, Finnish Film Industry and audience.
B2B: Rome Workshop is B2B-event with a possibility to meet tour operators.
Time:  14.04.2021
Place: Rome, Italy
Price: 900€ + VAT 24% / company, additional person from the same company 250€ + VAT 24%, shared table with an other company 600€ + VAT24% (total for 2 companies 1200 €)
Included: Sales table, Buyers Manual, internet connection
Not included: Travel and accommodation expenses, meals

Registration: By 30 March 2021

Roadshows and promotional events: On request

Consumer Campaings

  • Co-marketing campaigns with big companies.
  • Product Campaigns in Summer and in Winter, online and offline. 


  • FAM trips
  • Press communication
  • Press conferences 

Consultancy in product development, sales and marketing. 

Sales calls 

Personalized marketing materials
Creation and production of sales and marketing materials. 


Spain and Portugal


In Spain the main market areas are Barcelona (Catalonia) and Greater Madrid area. So far Catalonia has been in numbers the most important target market area. Many merging company events have been happening during these few years. The economy has been effecting severely also to the volumes in Spain.

The Portuguese market is very much related to how there are transportation connections to Nordic countries. Also Portuguese tour operators are having good connections to Brazilian markets.


Economic growth is projected to strengthen to around 1,9% in 2021 in Spain. Unemployment is coming down in 2021 but it is still high, 13,2%, comparing to other EU nations. Exports will continue to support growth, benefiting from the structural reforms of recent years. Underlying inflation will pick up in 2021 to 1,7%, owing to supply constraints, including a declining working-age population.  Growth will be driven by both domestic demand, supported by low interest rates and employment growth, and a positive external outlook. 

The Portuguese GDP growth is following numbers used to be seen in other EU nations, 1,8% growth in 2020. Unemployment rate is expected to be around 6%. Inflation rate is rather moderate, 1,5%. 


  • Sales visits
  • Tour operator and Travel Agent visits to the destination
  • Campaigns with local tour operators and on-line tour operators
  • Cross-marketing
  • Social media campaigns 


Baltic Sea Workshop, Barcelona and Madrid 2020 ... and Lisbon in Portugal
Sales event in Madrid, Barcelona  and Lisbon. We are inviting around 60 Spanish Buyers especially from Madrid and Barcelona area to join for this event which is organized the very first time for Suppliers from Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Nordic countries (Denmark incl. Greenland, Finland incl. Aland Islands, Iceland, Norway incl. Svalbard and Sweden) and Russia (especially companies located in Western part of Russia incl. St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast).
Time: 23.11 - 25.11.2021
Place:  Barcelona 23.11: Catalonia Plaça Catalunya Hotel Madrid 24.11: We will inform later. Lisbon 25.11: Hotel Real Palácio
Programme: The workshops are from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Lunch is served at 2.00 p.m. The Suppliers are able to come to prepare they tables from 10.00 a.m.

Registration fees Barcelona and Madrid Workshops. These rates as Early Bird ones are valid until 30.09.2021. 

1300€ + VAT 24 % (by company, shared table with an other company representative (650€ + 650€), the other company representative should be arranged by the Supplier not from the Organizer of the event)
1 800€ + VAT 24% (own table, one representative)
2 100€ + VAT 24 % (own table, two representatives from the same company)

Registration fees Lisbon Workshop

1300€ + VAT 24 % (by company, shared table with an other company representative (650€ + 650€), the other company representative should be arranged by the Supplier not from the Organizer of the event)
900€ + VAT 24% (own table, one representative)
1 200€ + VAT 24 % (own table, two representatives from the same company)

Included: Event arrangements, staff assistance, Sales Manual about Buyers and Suppliers, lunch and refreshments during the workshop.
Not included: Travel expenses, accommodation, meals (except the lunch in the workshop).  Additional price: Train Barcelona - Madrid 23.2.2020, will be quoted later (normally the rate is around 80 euros/one way)
Accommodation: Reservations directly to the hotel.                                                          Registration: Click the link                                                         More information: please contact office [at] 

Sales visits
Sales visits in the most important cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, eventually Bilbao and Valencia) visiting the main tour operators dealing with Finland and other Nordic and Baltic countries.
1 200€ + VAT 24% per day (3 visits) 
From the 4 th visit onwards 350€ + VAT 24%
Included: Organization of the sales visits ( 3-6 tour operators a day), escorting, interpretation if needed
Not included: Travel costs, accommodation, meals

Product Development and FAM trip project
A 2-step project focusing on developing the products of a certain destination according to the market needs and finding committed sellers for the products.
1) Site inspection trip by the ToolBox partner, evaluation of the products, selection of suitable products for the market, suggestion and support for the product development in order to suit the market needs.
2) Invitation of the decision makers of the most important tour operators dealing with the area or interested in starting the programming, escorting of the group, follow-up.
Price: 5 500€ + VAT 24% (4 + 4 days, minimum 4 tour operators participating, 1-3 destinations)
Included:  See description above. Travel costs of the ToolBox partner included from abroad to Finland (Helsinki) and back in step nr 1
Not included: Travel costs, accommodation, program, meals

Our partner companies:

in Italy: we operates on our own staff
in France: we operates on our own staff
in Spain, Portugal and Latin America: Insel Trade Ltd. 

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