Matka Workshop Day 2023 Pre and Post Tours for Buyers

Released 30.9.2022

Pre and Post Tours are organized between 14.1 - 17.1.2023 and 19.1 - 22.1.2023. The tours are free of charge for the approved participants.

•    You need to be registered and approved as Buyer at Matka Workshop Day 2023
•    We approve around 4 - 10 participants for each tour

•    Normally only 1 person/company for one tour. You can participate in max. 2 tours; 1 Pre and 1 Post Tour

•    14.1 - 17.1.2023 Pre Tours
•    19.1 from 4.00 pm - 22.1.2023          

All tours are conducted in English. 

All destinations and possible themes for each tour will be published in the end of October 2023. You can contact ToolBox Consulting Ltd. for more information. Also you will get advertisement for the tours every week in ToolBox Consulting Ltd. "Matka Workshop Day Digital 2023 Tour Newsletter".

You need to register as applicant to each tour. 
The process is as follows:
1. You can apply to 2 different Pre Tours and 2 different Post Tours. 
2. The hosting destination of the tour is in charge of the approval/disapproval process. Please note! There are limited places available for each tour. The decision process can take from few days up to few weeks.

You need the approval of the participation for each tour you are interested in participating. There are no limits for tours the Buyers are able to participate, but there is an allotment for each tour. In case the allotment is exceeded, we will inform the Buyer to apply for another tour.


South Karelia 14.1 - 17.1.2023

Matka Workshop Day 2023 pre tour goSaimaa 14.-17.1.2023 (pdf)

Northern Savo 15.1 - 17.1.2023 FULLY BOOKED

Pre Tour Northern Savo 15.1 - 17.1.2022 Matka Workshop Day 2023 (pdf)

Jyväskylä Region 15.1 - 17.1.2023 FULLY BOOKED

Pre Tour Jyväskylä Region 15.1 - 17.1.2023 Matka Workshop Day 2023 (pdf)

Pohjola Route Oulu - Hailuoto 14.1 - 17.1.2023 FULLY BOOKED

Pre Tour Pohjola Route - Oulu and Hailuoto 14.1 - 17.1.2023 Matka Workshop Day 2023 (pdf)

All published tours will be shown also in the Matka Workshop Day 2023 official registration and event website (Converve):


Registration for Tours

Please click the link here below:

For more information please contact Mr. Mikael Hasegawa, mikael.hasegawa [at]

Matka Workshop Day 2023 Pre and Post Tours
Fully Hosted Pre and Post Tour Programmes of Matka Workshop Day 2023
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