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Brand is an impression or image in customers mind about product or service. Brand itself is a promise of something. It has been created and developed in the mind of the consumer. The Brand combines three important elements: identity, image and communication.

ToolBox has a Destination Brand Model, where the approach is so called Brand Value Model. We have divided it in three different sections; Product, Emotional and Social Values. The first one is more based on tangible issues and the last ones more on intangible measures. There is also an additional approach which is current competition situation.

The Brand Distribution and Communication are challenges, which should be planned carefully for all stakeholders. Brand Process and Distribution takes quite a lot of time. We are talking more decades than years. Endurance of the communication is essential.

Previous Brand Processes:

Destination Brand Process of LUMO (Western Uusimaa Region, Finland)

  • 2014, Brand Manual, Destination Brand, Brand launching

Survey of Destination Brand Processes in Asia, Europe and North America

  • 2009 - 2011, Reykjavik, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Vancouver and Sydney

Helsinki Tourism Brand Process

  • 2004 - 2010, Brand Manual, Brand Management

Finland's Four C's: Creative, Cool, Contrast and Credible, 2004

  • participating in the first stage of creating destination brand for Finland as tourism destination (Visit Finland)

Image: Visit Helsinki material bank

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