Runni Spa in Central Finland - promoting it's Slow Travel theme

Released 17.7.2011


I just visited in recently in central part of Finland - in Northern Savo Region. There is located one traditional spa called Runni. It is quite famous among Finns because so many famous politicians and artists have been visiting there and it is having quite long history.

I was staying couple of nights at Manor House of Runni Spa. I enjoyed it because it has been keeping the traditional design and charm. The bathrooms were quite new and each room was having bathroom of their own. Personally I wasn't so much into it's rounded design but I understand it is difficult to construct afterwards these things to the standard rooms.

I was interviewing staff members and I heard they have too Slow Travel packages - and to my surprise quite many of those!

1)Runni Slow Food

2) Runni Slow Ability to Work

3) Runni Slow Day Spa

4) Runni Slow Meetings

5) Runni Slow Activities

6) Runni Slow Holiday

Here is the website. Unfortunately it is in Finnish only, but the Spa is having capability to serve foreign clients as well.


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