Summer Fun Workshop 2021

20.9 - 21.9.2021

Summer Fun Workshop is the largest travel trade event in the Northern Europe specialized in Summer season. You meet potential business partners in pre-scheduled 15 minutes meetings. All participants are subject to pre-registration and qualification.  

This year the event takes 2 days. First day, 20.9 is for Buyers and Suppliers attending in Helsinki and meeting face-to-face. Also we have added service for those Buyers and Suppliers who are not able to come to Helsinki. There is a possibility for online, speed dating meetings on 21.9. See more below.

Lucky Draw Winners

We congratulate all the winners!

Yumiko Akamatsu - Visit Oulu voucher

Jessica Klauer - Viking Line cruise voucher
Hiroshi Ida - Experience 365 travel voucher

Fabio Mirabelli - Kassiopea Hotels and Restaurants voucher

Lisa Koopman . Norwegian Travel Company travel voucher

Thu Le - Norwegian Travel Company Crab Safaris and accomodation at SnowHotel 

Rick Gedink - Experience365 Glass Igloos accommodation 

Anne Plaenoe - Visit Oulu accommodation dinner activities 

Marylin Leuckx - Visit Inari accommodation halfboard with activities 

Ingeborg Lien -  I,ittla glass from ToolBox Consulting Ltd.

Carlo Ossola -  gift voucher Holiday Inn Crown Plaza offered by Scandic Hotels 

Sanna Arnold -  Hilton Hotels accommodation voucher 

Rene Kristensen -  Visit Levi hotel voucher 

Agita Burve - Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants hotel voucher 

Mykhaulo Hlynka - Visit Estonia voucher 

Natalie Jokinen - Wild Taiga gift

Please contact Mr. Mikael Hasegawa for any further details. mikael.hasegawa [at] 

Participating as a Buyer

You have two options to participate in Summer Fun Workshop 2021. There are two event possibilities: 20.09.2021 and/or 21.9.2021.

The first option is Offline Workshop, meaning you are coming to Helsinki and attending at the workshop 20.9. You have also possibility to participate in GetTogether Party 20.9 and different fully hosted Pre and Post Tours. Also you can join to the Online Workshop if you registered to the Offline Workshop event too. Also our Virtual Tours are open to you.

The other option is Online Workshop. In this format you are having meetings with the Suppliers in remote access for example from your office or home. Naturally you are not able to participate GetTogether Party or different fully hosted Pre or Post Tours. But instead we offer Virtual Tours for you. 

Offline Meeting Workshop 20.9.2021

Tour operators and travel agents who are looking for new products and destinations, and are involved in initiating or authorizing purchasing decisions on travel-related products and services, can register as Buyers free of charge. Travel costs in/out to Helsinki are on participant's own expense. Organizer can provide one night free in 3 or 4 stars-category hotel. Limited amount of hotel rooms available.

Arrival/Departure Helsinki

Arrival to Helsinki are not included to the Hosted Buyer package. You need to purchase your own ferry, flight or train tickets in/out of Helsinki to attend at the workshop and participating for Pre and Post Tours. 


We can provide for registered and approved Buyers 1 night free in Helsinki hotels of *** or **** category. This service includes also breakfast. Additional nights you need to book directly to the hotels. See our offers in the section "Accommodation".

GetTogether Party 20.9.2021

All Buyers are invited to GetTogether Party. The transfer starts at 18.00 o'clock from the venue place. There is a transfer bus taken you to the venue place. Light dinner is served during the programme. GetTogether Party ends around 21.00 o'clock, and there will be transfer bus back to workshop venue place and also to city centre, which is Kiasma -contemporary art museum bus stop.

Pre and Post Tours

Pre and Post Tours are fully hosted for Buyers. Tours can take from half day programmes to 3 - 4 days programme. See each tour itinerary and timetable from our event website. Tours will be published not later than August 2021. Fully hosted tour includes services as follows:

* transfer from the meeting point to the destination

* accommodation during the tour

* meals during the tour

* tours and sight inspections according to itinerary

Pre Tours are between 17.9 - 20.9.2021

Post Tours are between 21.9 - 24.9.2021

Note there is Virtual Tours also available.

Each tour has it's own meeting point which is not necessary your hotel where you stay. You need to find your way for these meeting points. For many destinations which includes flights the meeting point is at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. For those including cruise ship travel (Stockholm, Tallinn) there is the meeting point either in South Harbour (Stockholm) or West Harbour (Tallinn). Some destinations use Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum Bus stop as their meeting point. Also Helsinki Central Railway Station can be for some tours the meeting point. Read from each itinerary description under "Pre and Post Tours".

Online Meeting Workshop 21.9.2021

This is our new service which was added due to COVID-19 pandemic. So if you are not able to come to Finland, we can provide remote access meetings max. 25 / with the Suppliers * (*time difference can limit the number of appointments, and these are suggested time slots.)The workshop will be from 09.00 to 17.00 o’clock in Finnish time.

Both Buyer and Supplier need either computer, laptop, iPad or smart telephone to handle technically meetings with each other in remote access. ToolBox Consulting provides the one-to-one meeting service and you can easily download the service in your communication tool. We will provide webinars and training meetings by telling how to use the service and what to expect during the workshop in remote access.

Approximately Supplier and Buyer can have four (4) meetings/hour at best. Within nine (8) hours, from 09.00 to 17.00 Finnish time, max. 25 contacts. There is one official break of 45 minutes during the day. You can also block in your schedule time when you are not available for meetings.

Price for Buyers: Free of charge

Participating as Supplier

There are two options for the Suppliers located in Finland, other Nordic countries, Baltic countries and West Russia to attend at the workshop:

1. Offline Workshop 20.9.2021 ( attending at the workshop in Helsinki)

2. Online Workshop 21.9.2021 ( attending in remote access and meeting Buyers online)

How to participate in OFFLINE Workshop?

In 15-minutes one-on-one PREARRANGED MEETINGS you have the opportunity to introduce your company to other attendees from 10.00 to 17.00 o'clock. Also you can get all online Buyer meetings from 08.00 to 17.00 o'clock in the same price. Meetings can be requested both ways: suppliers from buyers, media or event partners and vice versa. It's in the power of the person to whom meeting is suggested, to accept or decline it. SEE MORE THIS OPERATION IN TITLE "PREARRANGED MEETINGS"

Additional information and inquiries for both Buyers and Suppliers, please contact to:

Mr. Kari Halonen, kari.halonen [at] 

How much does it cost attending at the Offline Workshop?

Cost of Summer Fun Workshop participation as a Supplier - including a table, one sales representatives, use of meeting booking tool, lunch, and non-stop coffee station services is as follows:

Summer Fun Workshop Offline:
Price is until 13 August 2021:  690 euros + VAT for 1 person, 2nd person additional cost 150 euro + VAT

Price on 14 August 2021 – 6 September 2021: 790 euros + VAT for 1 person, 2nd person additional cost 150 euro + VAT

Additional costs:
GetTogether Party: 60 euro + VAT
Electricty to the table: 60 euro + VAT
Hosting Pre or Post Tour destination: starting price 900 euro + VAT 24%

Additional information contact: office [at]

How to participate in ONLINE Workshop?

In 15-minutes one-on-one PREARRANGED MEETINGS you have the opportunity to introduce your company to other attendees from 09.00 to 17.00 o'clock. You don't have to come to Helsinki in person. We give you training to handle the meetings accordingly and also technical support. Meetings can be requested both ways: suppliers from buyers, or event partners and vice versa. It's in the power of the person to whom meeting is suggested, to accept or decline it. SEE MORE THIS OPERATION IN TITLE "PREARRANGED MEETINGS"

Additional information and inquiries for both Buyers and Suppliers, please contact to:

Baltic and Nordic countries and Russia: Mr. Kari Halonen, kari.halonen [at] 

How much does it cost attending at the Online Workshop?

Cost of Summer Fun Finland Workshop participation as a Supplier - including Technical Support expense and hourly rate. We have put additional goal for minimum amount of online meetings/hour. If the minimum amount is not reached, the event organizer give more airing time free of charge until the minimum goal is reached.  Sample: If Supplier has bought two hours airing time, this gives for the Supplier minimum 4 meetings. If during the solid 2 hours time there have been 3 meetings only, the event organizer gives more airing time during the day where the Supplier can have additional 4th meeting with a potential Buyer. See here below guidelines and also refund policy.

Summer Fun Finland Workshop Online:
Early Bird Price is until 13 August 2021:  750 euros + VAT 24% one person, 2nd person additional cost 150 euro + VAT (= own meeting list)

Normal Price is from 14 August until to 6 September 2021: 850 euros + VAT 24%

Additional costs:
GetTogether Party: 60 euro + VAT

Hosting Pre or Post Tour destination: starting price 900 euro + VAT 24%

Additional information contact: office [at]



Time in your country  (Buyer)                                                                                                                Time in Finland (Supplier)

Austria              08.00                  16.00                                                                       09.00          16.00

Belgium            08.00                  16.00                                                                       09.00          16.00

Bulgaria            09.00                  17.00                                                                       09.00          17.00

Croatia             08.00                  16.00                                                                       09.00           17.00

Cyprus              08.00                  17.00                                                                       08.00           17.00

Czech Republic 08.00                16.00                                                                       09.00           17.00

Denmark          08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00            17.00

Estonia             08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00            17.00

France              08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00            17.00

Hungary           08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00            17.00

Germany          08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00            17.00

Greece              08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00            17.00

Iceland             08.00                 14.00                                                                       11.00            17.00

Ireland              08.00                 15.00                                                                       10.00            17.00

Israel                 10.00                 17.00                                                                       10.00            17.00

Italy                   08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00            17.00

Latvia                08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00             17.00

Lithuania          08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00             17.00

Luxembourg    08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00             17.00

Netherlands    08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00             17.00

Norway            08.00                  16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Poland              08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Portugal           08.00                 15.00                                                                       10.00                 17.00

Romania          08.00                  17.00                                                                       08.00                 17.00

Russia               08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00                 17.00

Serbia               08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Slovakia            08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Slovenia           08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Spain                 08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Sweden            08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Switzerland      08.00                 16.00                                                                       09.00                 17.00

Turkey               08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00                 17.00

Ukraine             08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00                 17.00

United Kingdom 08.00              15.00                                                                       01.00                 17.00


Australia           15.00                18.00                                                                         08.00                  11.00

China                13.00                 18.00                                                                        08.00                  13.00

Hongkong        13.00                 18.00                                                                        08.00                  13.00

India                  10.30                17.00                                                                        08.00                   14.30

Japan                14.00                 18.00                                                                       08.00                   12.00

Saudi Arabia    08.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00                   17.00

Singapore         13.00                 17.00                                                                       08.00                   13.00

South Korea     14.00                 18.00                                                                       08.00                   12.00

Taiwan              13.00                 18.00                                                                        08.00                  13.00

Thailand           12.00                 17.00                                                                        08.00                  13.00


Argentina         08.00                11.00                                                                         14.00                  17.00

Brazil                 08.00                11.00                                                                         14.00                  17.00

Canada East     08.00                10.00                                                                         15.00                  17.00

Canada Ontario  08.00             10.00                                                                         15.00                  17.00

Mexico              08.00                 09.00                                                                         16.00                 17.00

USA East            08.00                10.00                                                                         15.00                 17.00

USA Lake District   08.00         10.00                                                                           15.00                17.00


Algeria              08.00                15.00                                                                           10.00                15.00

Egypt                09.00                16.00                                                                            10.00                17.00

Morocco           08.00               14.00                                                                            11.00                14.00

SouthAfrica      09.00               16.00                                                                            10.00                17.00

Tunisia              08.00                15.00                                                                           10.00                15.00

We will provide max. 15 minutes time slots with each Buyer and Supplier. The technical support will be hosted by us and we organize during the summer also quick training sessions of the technical speed dating system for each participant. See the registration link after the title ”Registration”. Please send your inquiries concerning online workshop to: office [at]


Helpdesk Service

You can contact if you face any problems with this Online service Vivian Li by email: [at]

The service is free. Until 28.8 you can also have personal check-up your camera and microphones are working properly. Also your presentation and/or video showing are ok for this service.

We will have our Helpdesk Service for Online services also in Messukeskus but also for those who are in remote access. There will be a separate telephone number informed later for all Suppliers.

About COVID-19

ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is actively and continuously monitoring the COVID-19 virus outbreak in line with local, state and federal authorities and public health advice and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Here is the latest about travelling to Finland, updated 7.8.2021:

Please check the event website for up to date information about the event. With regard to the COVID-19 virus, our position remains unchanged: the health and safety or our exhibitors, visitors and staff is our number one priority.


There is very useful website called FINENTRY, where you can get information related to COVID-19, travel restrictions and entering to Finland. FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

Note! Every entrant born in 2005 or before needs to fill their own FINENTRY survey.

Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus. If you have a coronavirus test and are diagnosed as infected, you can use the app to share this anonymously with those you have been in close contact with. Your privacy is strongly protected.

Travel Restrictions

Finland restored travel restrictions to the Belgian, Dutch and Andorran borders 6.8.2020. These restrictions will take effect on Monday 10.8.2020. Border checks can only be waived if less than eight cases of coronavirus have been detected per 100,000 people. The review period is two weeks. The decisions now made are valid until 8.9.2020 but may be amended earlier if necessary.

The situation is now being closely monitored by the Finnish government officials in Germany and Denmark. In both countries, infection rates have increased momentarily due to local disease clusters.

After today’s restriction instructions, there will be no more time to come up with new guidelines on organizing a workshop event. IF there will be some restrictions against some countries, we recommend these Buyers to switch their registration to ONLINE Workshop. It is then easy way to meet Suppliers during one day too.

EU countries and Schengen countries

There are no internal border controls in traffic between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Liechtenstein, Malta, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

Non-EU countries or Schengen countries

Eligible countries are South Korea, Georgia, Japan, China, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and New Zealand. In traffic between Finland and these countries, 13.7. commuting and other essential services for residents of those countries, and 27.7. From now on, traffic between Finland and these countries is allowed without restrictions. However, in the case of China, as recommended by the Council, the Council of the EU is required to confirm the adequate implementation of reciprocity. Restrictions on external border traffic have previously been lifted for traffic between Finland and Cyprus, Ireland, San Marino and the Vatican. Traffic between Finland and these non-Schengen countries is allowed without restrictions.

With the situation evolving rapidly, we strongly urge our exhibitors and visitors to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by your local or national public health authorities regarding the virus.

We are following local and state public health advice closely. We have also contacted our venue partners and are coordinatin closely with them to ensure that they are acting in accordance with the advice of public health authorities and that information is available to our customers about the precautions being taken by the venue related to the COVID-19 virus. Statements and information from the venue(s) will be added to our event website as they become available. We have strengthened hygiene, sanitization and the availability of disinfectants at our events and we are ensuring that we have appropriate medical support and protocols in place based on guidance from local and national publi health authorities.

Our event attendees are encouraged to check the latest travel advice and entry guidelines for their home country and the country they wish to visit (Finland, Estonia and Sweden). Travel restrictions and local quarantine requirements are in place in many countries around the world. 

We are monitoring COVID-19 developments very closely and will follow up with customers as the situation develops. If you have any specific event questions, please refer to the event website and contact your ToolBox customer service team. 

More information

The WHO's standard recommendations for the general public to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19 are as follows, which include hand and respiratory hygiene: 

- Avoid close contact with people who are sick

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

- Wash your hands oftern with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohold if soap and water are not available

- Stay home when you are sick

- Cover you cough or sneeze with a tissue, then thorw the tissue away

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

We are as host and with our partner companies taking all precautions seriously to make this event successful. We have had here in Finland 110885  cases of corona virus (7.8.2021) and 986 casualties. Our national health care system is capable to handle the virus cases with full care and the quality is in high level.

Also we have been taking precautions for the event, which include:

  • Hand Sanitizers in the venue place
  • We have face masks available at the venue place 20.9 and also if you need for your Pre or Post Tours
  • All furniture surfaces are cleaned 1 hour before the event starts
  • All lavatories are cleaned every 2nd hour during our event
  • We ask all participants avoid hand shaking during the workshop and tours
  • All our official workshop hotels are using augmented cleaning procedures and precautions of all public areas and rooms
  • Pre and Post Tour destinations clean vehicles used, and have Hand Sanitizers available during the tour

If Supplier and Buyer feel sick during the workshop or during Pre and Post Tours, we will have the help of Finnish Health Care system immediately

These are current precaution plans. We are taking these in use if the situation is getting in worse in Finland. At the moment everything is in good control and hands with public and private sector.

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