ToolBox offers both company and tourism learning institutions training, courses and full education programmes for tourism industry and service sector. We are specialized in activating strategic support  for tourist resorts, area and national organizations.  

Learning Institutions

We have available:

  • Special Quality Management courses 6 cr, 
  • Product Development course of 3 cr,  
  • The Booming Market Asia 5 cr.

Domestic and International Marketing Tools 3 cr, 

  • Customer Service 3 cr, 
  • Tourism Strategic Planning 3 cr, 
  • Strategic Management 3 cr, 
  • Destination Management 3 cr,
  • Destination Marketing 3 cr,
  • Promising Asian market 5 cr,
  • Promising Tourism market: China, 3 cr
  • China - India tourism markets, 2 cr
  • Brand Process and Brand Management 3 cr.   

Area Organizations (within tourism)

  • Quality Development, 
  • Service Design and Customer Service Courses, 
  • Company Operation Improvements, etc. 
  • Main Entrance course (2-day course, with certification valid for two years). Target market areas are:
    • China, Germany, Italy, Japan, South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand), Spain and UAE + Middle East

Those are examples we are able to perform in lectures, seminars, and in consultancy projects. Strategic Operations of tourism resort are an other approach to develop tourism in the area. We are able to provide:

  • Competitor Analysis, 
  • Capacity Analysis, 
  • Push and Pull Factors to the Area, 
  • Strategic Meetings with travel trade, 
  • Strategical Plan and Scenarios and 
  • Travel Trends. 

ToolBox is able to create Brand Process for a company or tourist resort.  

National Organizations 

All kinds of survey and research work combined with PR events. We are able to organize Full Service Tourism Seminar 


  • Customer Service Chain, 
  • Quality Improvement Projects, 
  • Product Development, 
  • Chinese Tourist Welcome, 2-day course, certification valid for 2 years, in cooperation with Perho Business College
  • Marketing Tools for Domestic and International Markets, 
  • Export Projects
  • Company Brand Process
  • Main Entrance, 2,5 days training courses for summer trainees or volunteer training.
  • Main Entrance To...(target market area) 1 - 2 days training of the target market area. Including certificate. Focus in cross-cultural issues, outbound tourism phenomenon, product development, marketing & sales, customer service.
ToolBox Consulting 2021 - 2022 eCommerce trainings
ToolBox Consulting 2021 - 2022 eCommerce trainings

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ToolBox Consulting Ltd. is specialized in improving service sector and especially tourism industry; its entrepreneurship and area organizations. Focus in all operations is towards international markets and progress.


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