Invitation: Arabian Travel Market 2016 in Dubai

Julkaistu 16.3.2016


The leading travel and tourism event in the region and a true global marketplace for companies right across the industry. The number of exhibitors is more than 2 500 and over 27 000 visitors!

Optionally: Targeted meetings with local

tour operators

Price: €4, 900 + VAT 24 %.

Included: Stand shell scheme, ToolBox representatives assistance,

sales meetings with persons who know the markets

possibly 3-4 travel agency visits during the trip.

Not included: Travel costs, accommodation, meals.

Please note: Minimum 4 companies needed.

Registration: last day for registration is 25.3.2016. 


Sales trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi areas

Introduction of a Finland Manual and of suitable package tours for local tour operators personally. Follow-up: 2-4 Baltic Sea area Briefings via email.

Price: €5,000 + VAT 24 % (one person per one week).

Please note:  Minimum 4 companies needed.

Registration: last day for registration is 31.7.2016



The UAE has a free economy with a high per capita income and a significant annual trade surplus. Since the discovery of oil and gas in the UAE more than 30 years ago, the UAE has undergone a profound transformation from an impoverished region of small desert to a modern state with a high standard of living.

The UAE economy is expected to grow between three and 3.5 % in 2016. Unemployment rate will remain in 4.3 %. Inflation will stay rather high, around 5 %.



Tour operators from UAE see Nordic countries as a new, interesting, and competitive product, compared to other countries. To market these countries, we have to promote events especially like travel fairs where you can meet people from various sectors to understand the current trends. There are some challenges too. Hence to market our destinations in Arab countries, one must be familiarized with the needs of the target groups, especially the Arab family travelers. The most important market areas are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In these cities operates few professional tour operators which have offices also in neighbor countries.





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