Newsletters — October 10, 2017

Free webinar about South Korean outbound tourism market 18.10.2017

Dear Travel Professional


“Insights of South Korean Travel Market” Webinar 18.10.2017 (see below the timetable in your country)

South Korean market has been maturing after mid-1980s start of outbound tourism. Nowadays we can see more Korean travellers which are combining several countries on their tour. As they need no visas to enter in many European countries, they are able to experience travelling more often.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar to gain some useful insights into the South Korean travel industry. This includes Korean travel patterns, trends and fresh perspectives about how and when they travel, their average spending and tribes. Also – what Korean want from their travel experiences. The webinar is held in English.

There is also an opportunity to get to the Korean market by joining the Baltic Sea Region travel delegation trip to South Korea in June 2018.

Ms. Michelle Kang, a Seoul based Travel and Tourism Industry Expert, will provide her insights in this webinar. Michelle has long experience in the South Korean travel and tourism industry, media know-how and networks in both South Korea and Nordic countries. She has been working for AMEX, ACP Rail Marketing,, Tourism New Zealand. Currently she is teaching professor at Bucheon University.

We have an other key speaker attending at the event, Ms. Bohyn Yoon who has been living in Canada and in Finland for some time already and beeing a special of cross-cultural issues between European and Korean cultures. 

Timetable and airing time


at 06.00 a.m in Greenland time

at 09.00 a.m in Icelandic time

at 10.00 a.m. in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish time

at 11.00 a.m. in Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian time

at noon in Russian time


We are using platform. Each registered person will get personal link to the portal and guidelines how to use this portal. 15 minutes prior to the webinar the channel will be open for checking the access and sound.


Not later than 17.10.2017 to email: office [at]