Newsletters — November 30, 2017

ToolBox won an other project in North African tourism development

ToolBox won interesting project in Tunisia. Local travel agency association (FTAV) would like to develop local travel agencies and tour operators for the facing challenges in future. In the beginning of January and until February 2018 we are processing this in workshop and analyzing local companies. Interesting to adjust global standards of labeling to country level.

The process includes operations as follows:

Provide the methodology and content of the dissemination of best practices workshop
Deliver the workshop to 15-20 Tourism & Travel Agencies
Briefly diagnose minimum 10 Tourism & Travel Agencies
Populate a pipeline of minimum 6 possible advisory activities stemming from the above
Conduct evaluation of the overall assignment and suggest recommendations on how to further deploy the label in a sustainable manner.

If you are interested in this project don’t hesitate contacting us by using an email: office(at)